'Sociopathic': Paul Krugman Again Reveals Himself as an Awful Person in Tweet Bashing Elderly Floridians

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Economist Paul Krugman poses before a conversation at the 92nd Street Y on Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)



What liberal New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said today about senior citizens in Florida should disgust everyone no matter their political leanings, but in particular elderly residents in the state and family members and friends who love and care for them and are concerned with their well-being in the midst of the Wuhan virus outbreak.

It all started with a Monday report from Bloomberg News that claimed the Wuhan virus case numbers for Florida seniors over 75 years old were rising at an alarming rate in the midst of a case surge that up until recently was primarily impacting much younger Floridians:

Florida is reporting an unprecedented number of Covid-19 cases, but Governor Ron DeSantis has pointed to the relatively low median age of the sick — 36 — to suggest that the outbreak isn’t having serious clinical consequences.

But now, record numbers of Floridians 75 and older are testing positive for Covid-19, according the latest report from Sunday, which reflects data through Saturday.

Here’s a graphic Bloomberg reporter Jonathan Levin included in the piece:

In response to the report, Krugman, who fancies himself as smarter than everyone else because he managed to win the Nobel Prize in economics in 2008 despite his poor track record on economic predictions, thought he’d really impress his far left fan base by characterizing Florida senior citizens who are presumably Trump supporters as “white supremacists” who he predicted would soon face “reality” with the Wuhan virus:


Apparently Krugman was riffing off the bizarre two-week-old video that surfaced over the weekend on social media of Trump-supporting senior citizens and pro-Biden seniors having a heated war of words in The Villages retirement community in Florida. President Trump retweeted the video but later deleted the retweet after finding out one of the elderly Trump supporters in it chanted “white power.”

One person shouting racist words was apparently all it took for Kruggie to take out that broadbrush and not only paint all Florida Republican retirees with it, but to also seemingly hope they catch the Wuhan virus, which is deadliest among seniors and those with underlying conditions.

Krugman’s attempt at being witty and woke backfired bigtime:


Here’s something else for Kruggie to consider the next time he tries to smear elderly conservative Floridians:

Fortunately, Krugman’s success rate when it comes to predictions is not very good, as one Twitter user helpfully pointed out:

Even more pathetic is Krugman continuing to bypass the nursing home scandal in his state brought on by his Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo thanks to a deadly March 25th executive order which enabled the deaths of thousands of NY senior citizens.


It’s easy to understand why he’d want to avoid addressing in any meaningful and thoughtful way what’s happening in his own back yard, because it goes against every narrative he and many others on the left and in the MSM have crafted about President Trump’s handling of the Wuhan virus crisis. Unfortunately for him, though, the facts don’t go away simply because a person wants to ignore them.

By the way, this is Krugman’s second swipe at Florida in about a week’s time. Anyone else hoping Gov. Ron DeSantis goes beast mode on him?


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