CNN Goes Full Karen on Ron DeSantis Drinking Beer With Bike Week Crowd, Leaves Most Important Part Out

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This time last year when the media began focusing on the seriousness of the coronavirus after downplaying it for two months, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was hammered for not issuing drastic New York/California-like statewide stay at home/lockdown-style orders as videos of teenagers frolicking on the beaches were broadcast on an endless loop and shared all over social media.


And in contrast to how DeSantis was routinely being ripped to shreds by the national press, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was treated with the utmost reverence despite the nursing home scandal that most media outlets looked the other way on because Orange Man Bad.

A year after President Trump delivered his speech about the actions his administration was taking to try and slow the spread of the virus, the roles in some ways have been reversed as Cuomo is in hot water with his own party while DeSantis’ approach is now earning praise from some Democrats who are reluctantly admitting he might have been right all along.

But though acknowledgments from some of DeSantis’ Democrat critics are filtering through, that has not – and will not – stop the anti-DeSantis crew at CNN. The network has now been reduced to going full Karen on DeSantis after he was spotted over the weekend enjoying a beer with people who attended the Bike Week festivities in Daytona Beach.

Here’s how anchor Brianna Keilar “reported” on the outrageous incident earlier today on CNN during an interview with Miami Beach police chief Richard Clements, whose officers are having a tough time getting people to comply with local mask mandates:


“We saw pictures over the weekend of Florida governor Ron DeSantis at Daytona Bike Week. He’s not wearing a mask, he is certainly very close physically to other people who are not wearing masks. Does this make things more difficult as your officers are facing — I mean, they’re facing violence, they’re facing resistance to people who — they want to behave like the governor is behaving.”

People want to mimic a freedom-loving governor. Horrors! Watch:

What was left out of her “report”? Keilar did not interview any Daytona Beach law enforcement officials about DeSantis not wearing a mask and being in close proximity to others. These photos might explain why:


DeSantis has not yet responded to Keilar’s commentary, but if the response he gave last month after reporters tried mask-shaming him and Super Bowl attendees for going maskless during and after the Super Bowl is any indication, if he does clap back he’ll shut it down in epic fashion:

“The media is worried about that, obviously,” he said. “You don’t care as much if it’s a ‘peaceful protest,’ then it’s fine. You don’t care as much if they’re celebrating a Biden election. You only care about it if it’s people you don’t like. I’m a Bucs fan. I’m damn proud of what they did.”

A couple of days earlier DeSantis asked another reporter “how the hell am I going to be able to drink a beer with a mask on? Come on. I had to watch the Bucs win.”

I should also note that it was confirmed a few weeks later that the Super Bowl and associated parties in Florida did not lead to superspreader events, as the media fretted they would.

Lest anyone think Keilar is giving equal scoldings to Andrew Cuomo regarding the sexual harassment and nursing home scandals, here’s what her priorities were just a couple of days ago:


Back in January, Keilar infamously called DeSantis “an a**” after he had the nerve to criticize a CNN reporter.

Have I mentioned before how CNN is not a news organization? In case anyone missed it, let me say it one more time: CNN is not a news organization.

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