Will Cuomo Get the Message Now? Schumer and Gillibrand Call on Him to Resign

Office of the NY Governor via AP

At the end of a week full of leaks and disclosures, the sand may have run out of the hourglass on NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo late on Friday afternoon, when NY Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand issued a joint press statement calling on Cuomo to resign from office.


RedState is littered with stories over the past few days of new revelations about Cuomo’s alleged, abusive conduct towards numerous young female staffers and subordinates.  My colleague Nick Arama provided the “latest” rundown earlier today.

Two days ago, after the publication of allegations that Cuomo had fondled a young staffer under her blouse without her consent, I wrote in this story that it was no longer a matter of “if” Cuomo would resign from office, only a matter of “when.”

Since that story, Democrats in the New York Legislature have been preliminary steps towards impeachment; NY Magazine is now reporting that as many as 30 young women have made complaints in one manner or another; the Albany Police Department has begun an inquiry regarding possible criminal law violations regarding the young staffer alleged to have been fondled; unnamed aides have told the press that Cuomo would often direct that young women he found attractive be offered jobs in his Administration; several prominent House members from the New York — including the longest-tenured member Jerold Nadler, publicly called for his resignation, and now — late on a Friday, they have been joined by New York’s two senators.


Significantly, the statement by Schumer and Gillibrand followed a press conference by Cuomo, in which he stated that he would not resign — he would not “bow to cancel culture.”

In defending his stance, Cuomo based his reliance on the fact he was elected by the people and not the Democrat politicians who have publicly called for his resignation.

But Cuomo’s terminal problem now is that he has no constituency to support him.  The entirety of the Democrat political establishment in New York has now lined up against him.  Many of the interest groups and constituencies of the Democrat Party have abandoned him.  The press has become more and more critical, their questions have become uniformly accusatory, and they are all looking for the “next story” that ends his career.

Here is some video of Cuomo getting the news from Schumer earlier today:

This is unsustainable.  I suspect New York will have a new governor by Monday.


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