CNN Interviews Alabama Beachgoers Not Wearing Masks, Gets Owned After Photos Surface of Maskless Reporter

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People walk outside CNN Center, Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Ron Harris)


Another day, another instance of a preachy mainstream media journalist being called out for not practicing what they preach when it comes to mask-wearing.


As if the incident involving the MSNBC reporter being filmed and called out by a random passerby during a live segment on mask-wearing for his cameraman not wearing a mask was not hilarious enough, CNN has been caught in the act as well.

In the clip below, you see CNN reporter Gary Tuchman, a self-styled expert on the Wuhan coronavirus, interviewing beachgoers in Alabama about whether or not they had any concerns about catching the virus because they were around so many other people. During the same segment, the issue of wearing masks came up, and Tuchman – who walked around the beach in a mask as the cameras were rolling – noted he saw a “grand total of zero” people wearing the masks on the beach, and then proceeded to interview people on the matter:

But when the cameras stopped rolling, this is how Tuchman looked:


Odd, isn’t it, especially considering how he was virtue signaling everywhere he went on the beach in interviewing beachgoers while wearing a mask. Why take it off when the cameras stop rolling? Why, it’s almost as though CNN has one set of standards for everyone else …

And another for themselves:

As you can tell from that picture, not even the cameraman is wearing one.

This is, of course, not the first time a CNN reporter has been caught not practicing what they preach. White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins, who often posts updates on her Twitter feed on Trump administration officials who aren’t wearing masks, exposed her hypocrisy a couple of weeks ago after she ripped her mask off immediately after a White House press briefing concluded.

Anchor Chris Cuomo is also another notorious CNN hypocrite when it comes to lecturing people on abiding by the recommended CDC guidelines for combating the Wuhan coronavirus.


Earlier this month, White House Press Correspondents’ Association president and ABC News journo Jon Karl was exposed as a mask hypocrite after photos surfaced of him not wearing a mask in a Twitter thread in which he tried to mask shame Fox News’s John Roberts.

As I wrote last night in a VIP post, it’s time for the mask shaming to stop – except when it’s done to someone like any mask-shaming journalist or Democratic politician who gets caught not wearing one after their many lectures on the subject.

By the way, does anyone else find it super-odd that you never see CNN reporters traveling to NYC parks and interviewing people who are clustered together and not wearing masks? It’s almost as if there’s a bias against southern state GOP governors and their constituents or something…



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