Ron DeSantis Just Keeps Winning, and the Left Can't Deal

If you were to go poll a random group of Democrat voters on who the worst governor in America is in regards to handling the coronavirus, Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis would almost certainly top the results. Partisanship is a strong drug, and the amount of misinformation and delusion that has gone forth in regards to DeSantis has been epic.


Yet, the results speak for themselves. Florida is in the bottom half of the nation in COVID death rate despite having the largest, oldest population of any other state by far. The Sunshine State is also highly populated, with many dense, large cities. In other words, if lockdowns and mask wearing truly worked to any measurable level, Florida should have been an absolute bloodbath given its baseline fundamentals. In the end, and we are basically at the end, it wasn’t even close. Further, Florida now has one of the best vaccination programs in the country despite plenty of conspiracy theories being spread around that issue, as well.

Now, Florida Democrats are having to come to terms with reality, unable to continue spinning it as they see fit.

The article above is still the typical soft-peddling of just how well DeSantis did, but it does manage to hit the keynotes, if not very reluctantly. Florida, in my view, found the best balance between health outcomes and economic outcomes. That seems fairly undeniable at this point. Anyone attempting to proclaim otherwise is eschewing the very real costs in lives and livelihoods that heavy-handed mitigation brought with it. Many people have died from postponed surgeries and cancer screenings, drug overdoses, mental health breakdowns, and a myriad of other issues exacerbated by lockdowns. The fact that Florida was able to garner a better outcome than many of the most draconian blue states while not putting its citizenry through that is a huge accomplishment.


But with those successes comes more disinformation from the left, who simply can’t deal. Noted conspiracy theorist Rebekah Jones was featured again this weekend despite her claims being debunked many times.

The truth is that Jones is a crack-pot who isn’t fit to comment on the color of the sky, much less what the “real” numbers in Florida are. She was a nobody who helped design a data portal. She is not a renowned scientist able to calculate true COVID deaths, though she plays one on TV. Many cable news networks have entertained her delusion, including CNN.

Regardless, DeSantis may have just gotten another big boost if New York’s legislature has anything to say about it.

Congrats to Florida on their new influx of wealthy taxpayers. Blue states never learn. By raising taxes, all New York is going to do is drive off their tax base while the poor get poorer. Of course, woke, white liberals will feel better about themselves, though, and isn’t that what really matters here?


Regardless, DeSantis is winning, and the winning doesn’t appear to be coming to a stop anytime soon.



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