Biden Flies to Delaware and Has Fervent Conversation With Hunter in Unscheduled Visit

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As we reported, Hunter Biden was convicted on three gun charges on Tuesday. 

Joe Biden issued a statement saying that he would accept the outcome, although he said Hunter would be considering an appeal. He had previously said he would not pardon Hunter. 


The liberal media immediately went into overdrive, declaring "fairness" to have been established, as though that made all the issues in the trial against former President Donald Trump cool. 

Meanwhile, ironically, Biden was scheduled to speak at the Everytown "Gun Sense" event in Washington, D.C. He ended up not addressing the conviction, but he exhibited some of the worst incoherence that I have ever seen from him. He also mocked Americans who believe in gun rights and, once again, made a threatening comment about how you'd need an F-15 if you wanted to fight the government. 

It will likely be a few months until Hunter is sentenced and we find out what that sentence will look like. But it wouldn't be the maximum because he's a first offender under the law. 


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Joe Biden wasn't scheduled to be in Delaware on Tuesday, but he made an unscheduled trip there in the wake of the verdict after his speech at the Everytown event. And he was met by Hunter, his wife and their son Beau at the airport for a big photo-op for the media. He hugged Hunter when he arrived. Hunter seemed to be talking to him very fervently, almost as though he was trying to reassure him. 


Biden looked a bit out of it and was moving slowly. 

People did not react well to this part of the video. 

Biden hugged and kissed his grandchild on the lips. It didn't look like little Beau liked that. 

Then Hunter pulled his son away. Hunter blew him a kiss that I think Joe thought was a salute, and Joe sort of half-saluted him back, looking a little confused even about that. That was definitely weird. Then, they all reportedly piled into a motorcade to go to Joe Biden's home in Wilmington. 


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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also canceled her normal daily press briefing, likely because she knew she would be inundated with questions on Hunter. But she's going to face it anyway. 

I know Biden has said that he wouldn't pardon Hunter. But he's saying that before the election. After the election, whether he wins or loses, he won't care, and I think he'll do it anyway. Because he will suffer no real consequences if he does so. He lies about so many other things to the American people to get what he wants; I wouldn't believe him for a moment now. 


Editor's Note: This article was updated post-publication for clarity.



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