Biden's Massive Incoherence in Ironic New Remarks on 'Gun Sense' After Hunter's Conviction

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I don't know if you could have planned the coincidence and the irony better. On the very day that Joe Biden's son Hunter was convicted on three gun charges, Joe Biden gave a speech to the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund conference about "gun sense."


He was more than an hour and a half late making his remarks. Was there a question going on behind the scenes about what he should say in response? 

He finally showed up and was immediately incoherent. After he spoke for a couple of minutes, he was immediately heckled by a protester yelling about "genocide." 

They make a point that he's committing genocide? How out of it is Joe Biden? Very. 

He was garbling words, leaving out words, and mixing up words throughout his remarks, particularly at the beginning before he began reading off the teleprompter. It was perhaps the worst I've ever seen him, and I've seen a lot of him. The incoherence was wild. Perhaps he was particularly messed up because of the verdict that had just come down in his son's case. Everyone was waiting for him to address it -- but he didn't. 


Instead, he stuck to making false gun arguments and saying things that weren't true, as well as mocking and attacking people who support gun rights. 

Here was just one example of how garbled he was. 

"Instead of trying to stop our ban on ghost gun kits, that contain these...can commit crimes, they're working like hell to stop it," Biden said. Huh? That doesn't even make sense. And there was a lot of that. 

The slurring was awful. Here he is saying, "I've attended too many mass shootings. I've been to gone (?) to too many schools across America" Really? 

His brain was glitching all over the place. Then he began confirming again his ignorance about guns by saying he wanted to create laws to restrict them and ban "assault weapons." 

He told a story about meeting with people who were mad at him on the issue, including a man whom he chastised for not needing many bullets, telling him that if he needed 12-100 rounds, he was a lousy shot. 


Biden said the man told him he had a "good point." Chances that happened? Not a snowball's chance in hell. 

Then he claimed Republicans wanted to abolish the "AFT," confusing the AFT (a teachers union) and the ATF. 

Biden talked about teaching about the Second Amendment and then immediately said something that wasn't true, about not being able to own a cannon. That's been debunked, but it's a lie that he just keeps telling. 

Then he tried to mock Americans who supported the Second Amendment, "No, I'm serious." Then he said, "[indecipherable] can hear this phrase, "The blood of liberty. The wash of those, give me a break." Again, huh? What does that mean besides being an attempt to attack our Americans and our rights? How offensive that is when he's behaving that way toward Americans. 


Then he gave a great reason for defending gun rights, making a no-so-veiled threat about the power of the government against the people. 

"If they wanna think to take on government if we get out of line which they're talking again about. Well, guess what? They need F-15s! They don't need a rifle!" Way to argue against yourself there, Joe. But his brain was such pudding, I'm not sure he even got that. 

I have to think his son's convictions played a role, but unfortunately, he's also incoherent on a regular basis, so who knows? I'm not sure this guy is making it to November. 


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