Trump Enters to Cheers at UFC vs. While Biden Shuffles Along at Beach

Trump enters to cheers at UFC 290. (Credit: Twitter/Kanekoa the Great)

Former President Donald Trump made a big appearance on Saturday night, not at a campaign event, but in a surprise, at UFC 290 for International Fight Week.


Trump entered with UFC legend Dana White to the sounds of Kid Rock’s “American Badass,” eliciting cheers from the crowd. The energy was electrifying.

While there, Trump also had a little fun with Joe Rogan. While it wasn’t clear what they were saying, it was clear they were enjoying each other. It looked to me like Trump was joking about taking him on and giving him one heck of a strong grip handshake to tease him with.

That handshake and big grin from Rogan on meeting Trump are likely to make the left mad at Rogan again.

One of the fighters, Dricus Du Plessis, climbed out of the ring to go up to Trump at ringside and shake his hand. That was quite something too.


It’s a funny thing. Trump is 77. But he always projects energy like this, so you forget that and don’t think of him as that age.

On the other hand, when it comes to Joe Biden, the opposite is true, and nothing shows that more than a comparison of the Saturdays the two men had. While Trump was at the high-energy fight with a huge audience, projecting confidence, even seeming to strong-arm Joe Rogan, Joe Biden was at another one of his continual vacations, this time at his home in Rehoboth Beach. Biden has spent almost forty percent of his time in office on vacation. Most Americans have to work far more at whatever jobs they have while Joe is doing things like this or taking early lids. Biden spent time on Saturday at a local beach near his home.

If the idea behind this was to make him look vibrant, I would say it failed. Again, it seemed to accentuate his advanced age. He didn’t look good and seemed to be walking like he was a hundred years old.


Compare the way Biden shuffled to the car to the way that Trump strode into the arena for the fight, high-fiving fans. It’s night and day. Does Biden seem concerned about how Janet Yellen just embarrassed us with her deep and repeated bowing? Not at all; he doesn’t even appear to understand there’s an issue, when you would think that whoever is in charge should be in contact with her about how everything was going. That’s who we have in the seat of power at the moment, someone who doesn’t appear to know what is going on. 3 a.m. call? Biden may not be there for the 3 p.m. call if it comes after his early lid.



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