Biden's Brain Breaks Mid-Sentence, Makes Bizarre Claim About 'TN Three'

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There’s all kinds of drama popping in regard to the “parting of the ways” between Tucker Carlson and Fox. Not to mention CNN and Don Lemon, with Lemon already screaming and throwing them under the bus, and CNN saying he isn’t telling the truth about what happened. I can’t imagine between CNN and Lemon who people would trust less — it would be a tough call.


Anyway, as all that’s going on, Joe Biden is continuing to deteriorate.

He had the Council of Chief State School Officers’ 2023 Teachers of the Year to the White House on Monday and made a creepy comment about the kids belonging to the nation, which is a bit reminiscent of Hillary Clinton. No, our kids are not yours to own or command. I wrote earlier about how they want to upend all order, and this is part of it too. They want to upset even the natural order of the relationship between children and their parents.

But as Biden was speaking, he was unable to even read what was on the teleprompter anymore. His brain broke mid-sentence. “Our education policy should reflect what we’ve learned,” Biden said. Then his brain went south.

Biden just seemed to fill in the rest of the sentence with whatever because he wasn’t able to figure it out.

He also had trouble with the name of Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT) who has been in Congress since 2019.

“Jonah, where are you? There you are, Jonah, right in front of me! Stand up, Jonah!” Biden said. You would think he had never met her with how badly he butchered her name. But he acted as if he knew her as he kept mispronouncing her name. It’s pronounced “Ja-hana,”  just as you might think, from how it is spelled.


Biden said he could name teachers who believed in him, but then he failed to do so.

Then there was this little piece of deceit, as Biden talked about politicians “banning books,” a seeming false slap meant for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

First, no one is “banning books” — the state of Florida is evaluating whether books are age/subject appropriate for kids — as they always have. But the second part of what he says there takes some kind of nerve. The law passed in Florida — the Parental Rights Law — gives the parents more of a say in what their kids are being taught, not less, as Biden tried to imply, “And I’ve never met a parent who wants a politician dictating what their kid can learn and what they can think or who they can be.” That takes some kind of gall when it’s the Democrats trying to “dictate” that very thing, and the parents fighting back. Does Joe want kids to be sexualized and inappropriate sex books being taught to young kids? Because that’s what this sounds like. The law is supporting the parents and fighting against that.


The left has created a bizarre thing in the wake of the Nashville shooting where a transgender person shot and killed six people including staff and three little kids. They’ve turned the facts on their head. They had a “transurrection” at the Tennessee Capitol and somehow this became about transgender people being attacked. Biden even said that on Monday in the Rose Garden — that “LGBT students and teachers are under attack.” No, it’s the Christian elementary school that was under attack.

While Biden hasn’t met with the families of the dead killed in Nashville, he did meet on Monday with the “Tennesee Three” — the three Democrats who were involved in the “transurrection” and who “attacked democracy” — obstructing the official proceeding. Indeed, Biden claimed that trying to expel the three Democrats through the democratic process after they broke the rules “was shocking.” “It was undemocratic,” Biden bizarrely claimed.

“You’re standing up for our kids, you’re standing up for our communities,” Biden told the three because they were pushing for gun control. Except they’re not standing up for kids. They’re promoting themselves and the Democratic agenda. They voted against a bipartisan school safety bill for kids, as I previously reported.

But if the media wanted to question Biden’s bizarre take on all this, the Biden staff wouldn’t let them. They did all they could to toss the reporters out of the room immediately after the photo-op.


The families of the kids and the staff killed at the Covenant School didn’t get an invite.

And this is the guy who is about to announce he’s running for re-election? As my colleague Andrew Malcolm said, they may try to have Biden retreat to the basement to help his chances, but they can’t hide things like this anymore.


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