Doocy Exposes Biden WH's Horrible Response on TN Three, China

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It’s incredible that the Democrats have tried to make heroes of the “Tennessee Three” who were involved in the obstruction of an official proceeding at the Tennessee capitol. Not only haven’t the Democrats called them out for “attacking democracy,” but they’ve praised them and they got a media tour out of it, despite voting against increasing safety for kids in schools, the supposed point of their “protest.”


As we reported earlier, one of them — Justin Jones — made a disgusting display of carrying a pretend child’s coffin into the state house.

This all followed a transgender person shooting and killing six people at a Christian elementary school. Democrats have somehow twisted things, painting transgender people as the “victims” in the incident, and using it as another excuse to attack gun rights.

What was the White House’s reaction to all this? They have now reportedly invited the three Tennessee lawmakers to the White House next Monday.

Fox’s Peter Doocy had a great question for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: where’s the invitation to the White House, or even a visit from Joe Biden, to the families of the people who were murdered by the transgender shooter? You know, the real victims here?


KJP has “nothing” to offer when it comes to that because that doesn’t serve their political purposes. So Doocy asked, “Why?” She claimed Biden was “focused on getting things done.” What a horrible answer to why they don’t care about the victims in this case.

Jean-Pierre brings up the Buffalo shooting, but that just makes one wonder why that shooting earned a visit from Joe Biden but the Covenant School victims didn’t (although Jill Biden did attend a vigil in Nashville). Joe Biden, on the other hand, laughed when asked if he thought Christians had been targeted.

But where is the reaction to the “attack on democracy” by the Tennessee lawmakers? They were just cool with the obstruction of that proceeding.

Not only was KJP unable to offer any credible defense for Joe Biden on his reaction to the Nashville shooting, but the response on Biden’s dealing with China was also ridiculous.

Doocy nailed Biden when it came to completely bending over for China.


“China is setting up police stations in the U.S. There’s more proof now that they created Covid. There’s reason to think that there were more spy balloons than the White House has said. Why is it taking so long for President Biden to call Xi and tell him to cut it out?”

We reported on the police stations and more spy balloons.

KJP’s response? “We’ve said over and over again” that Joe Biden “intends to call” Xi. So, why hasn’t he? Biden has failed to defend the territorial integrity of the United States when it comes to the police stations and the spy balloons. He’s failed to hold China accountable for the lies we know that they have told about COVID — that cost so many American lives and so grievously hurt and divided our nation. That should be the first priority — to hold them accountable — but Biden has failed on every level.

Notice there’s nothing at all in her statement or from Biden that says they intend to hold China accountable in any way, for any of this. If he intends to call him, why doesn’t he? Either it isn’t a priority to him, which is shameful, or the Chinese are not taking his call. This means they are treating him as someone they can walk right over and expect no consequences. It’s no wonder that people believe he is compromised, with how awful his reaction has been.



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