Joe Biden Gets Creepy About Kids and Insults the Victims of the Nashville Trans Mass Shooter

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Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News, but that didn’t stop Joe Biden from doing what he does best. Namely, befuddling and confusing onlookers while speaking in public.


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The president appeared in the Rose Garden on Monday with Jill Biden and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. Together they gave out several “Teacher of the Year” awards, and for some reason, Biden’s handlers thought it’d be a good idea to let him talk.

Here’s one viral clip that has everyone talking online.

Yeah, that’s a big fat “nope.” My children do not, in fact, belong to Joe Biden or anyone else in the broader community. I’m responsible for them, I support them, and I protect them. I do not need an overbearing government assigning them to nebulous “children of the nation” status while shoving left-wing indoctrination down their throats. And rest assured, that’s what this is about.

Biden is deeply upset that many parents have said enough is enough when it comes to schools exposing their children to sexualized and racialized content. Bills passed in Florida have led in that fight but states all over the union are following suit, restoring parental rights in the face of demented school officials. Biden’s Soviet-esque vision of communal parenting is just an extension of the “it takes a village” tripe that Hillary Clinton promoted, and we aren’t down for it.


Whether Biden likes it or not, the government or any sub-section of it, right down to local school districts, will not decide what values are instilled in my children. That’s a basic freedom they will not infringe on, and if they keep trying, parents will only push back harder. That’s especially true when dealing with issues like sexuality, gender, and religion.

While giving his speech, Biden confirmed the problem, which is that he’s a deranged, senile old man who would sell America’s children to the transgender lobby if it meant winning another election.

“LGBT students and teachers” are not “under attack” because they aren’t allowed to discuss scientifically bunk gender theory in first grade. That’s an absurd contention. But do you know who is under attack? The Christians who were murdered by a radical, politically motivated trans-identifying terrorist in Nashville. They are the real victims, and they are who we should be talking about. It’s insulting and ghoulish to see Biden ignore dead children in favor of a false narrative that LGBT students are being systematically put upon by basic biological realities.


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The boy at school who isn’t allowed to shower in the girls’ locker room is not a victim. The teacher who isn’t allowed to share the finer points of what it means to be non-binary with kindergarteners is not a victim. The real victims are the children who are being groomed into insanity by school officials and politicians. The real victims are those shot in cold blood because Biden told mentally ill trans-identifying individuals that they are being genocided because people won’t use their preferred pronouns.

So with all due respect, Biden can go jump in a lake with his “the nation’s children belong to everyone” nonsense. No, they don’t, and that’s a hill many parents will fight for until the last man.



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