CNN Strikes Back: Accuses Don Lemon of Inaccuracy in Statement About Departure

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CNN host Don Lemon’s departure from the network has taken an unexpected turn, as new information has emerged regarding a dispute between Lemon and CNN management. In a statement released on Twitter, CNNPR, the official Twitter account for the CNN Communications team, revealed that Lemon’s statement about the events leading up to his departure was inaccurate.


Shortly after the news broke about Lemon’s firing, he posted a tweet reacting to the development. He wrote:

I was informed this morning by my agent that I have been terminated by CNN. I am stunned. After 17 years at CNN I would have thought that someone in management would have had the decency to tell me directly. At no time was I ever given any indication that I would not be able to continue to do the work I have loved at the network. It is clear that there are some larger issues at play.

However, CNN disputes Lemon’s contention that he was not directly informed of his ouster. According to CNNPR, Lemon was offered an opportunity to meet with management to discuss his departure, but instead chose to release a statement on Twitter.

The network posted a tweet saying that Lemon’s “statement about this morning’s events is inaccurate” and that the former anchor “was offered an opportunity to meet with management but instead released a statement on Twitter.”

The news of Lemon’s departure from CNN has generated significant buzz on social media, with many expressing surprise and disappointment at the news. Some viewers have praised Lemon for his thought-provoking commentary and his willingness to tackle difficult issues, while others have criticized him for his controversial statements and partisan bias.


There is still much speculation as to what could have brought about Lemon’s firing. It could be related to recent controversies regarding sexist comments he made about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley and his alleged treatment of female co-workers.

So, who is lying here? Did CNN give Lemon the opportunity to meet with management? Or did they just have him find out through his agent? Being that both entities have been shown to be highly dishonest, it isn’t easy to tell. But we can be sure that there will be more fallout from this drama soon.

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