White House Has to Walk Back Another Biden Lie

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden just can’t seem to stop making things up, even when it comes to something as potentially significant as to him being tested for COVID when he has cold symptoms.


Biden was asked by Fox’s Peter Doocy what was wrong, when it was clear that Biden was sick because of the hoarse nature of his voice.

Biden claimed on Friday, “I have a test every day to see — a COVID test. They check me for all the strains.”

He claimed that he caught a cold from kissing his grandson, repeatedly coughing during his remarks at the podium.

But then the White House had to walk back what Biden said, saying he wasn’t tested daily for COVID, saying he’d only been tested three times this week – after he started having COVID-like symptoms.

Biden’s physician, Kevin C. O’Connor, said in a memo to reporters after the president spoke noting that the president was suffering from “increased nasal congestion.”

“This can be heard in his voice and he is feeling the colloquially well-known ‘frog in ones throat,’” he wrote.

Biden’s physician released a memo Friday afternoon noting the president was tested with a “comprehensive respiratory panel” which included “19 common respiratory pathogens” including COVID-19, other coronaviruses, influenza, and streptococcus but that it “came back negative.”


Psaki said Biden would not be tested daily and was just taking some cold medication for the symptoms.

Meanwhile, Biden went out to a restaurant that evening, when he still had whatever he was sick with and was seen in a restaurant without a mask on. He was supposedly dropping in on a family dinner.

So, at what point do Americans say enough is enough with Biden just making things up without regard to truth or reality? He does it from things like being tested every day to making up imaginary conversations with people like Angelo Negri, the retired Amtrak train conductor.

This is something that goes beyond his cognitive decline because he’s been making up things all his political career. It’s why he was never taken seriously until they needed to recast him as a “comfortable moderate” because they were desperate to beat Trump. But now they’re stuck with the situation they created.


Because Biden lies so much, how do we even know what he’s saying is true now? Do we have to hope that the doctor is telling the truth? That’s the problem with someone who lies so much — you don’t know that you can ever trust them. That’s not someone who we should have occupying the White House.


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