Biden Gets Busted Over False Baseball Boast

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden told us yesterday, “word of a Biden” we were on the verge of America’s “greatest future.”

There are a couple of problems with that.


We may be on the verge of America’s “greatest future” but it will be in spite of Biden, not because of it and likely only after we are past Biden because of his awful policies.

But the other problem is that the word of a Biden isn’t worth anything. Media doesn’t acknowledge them as lies, but Biden lies like he breathes. His most common type of lie is the one that puffs him up — the boasting lie. That’s the kind of lie that made him have to drop out of his first presidential race in 1988, when he plagiarized other politicians and lied about his educational background. He’s lied about marching for civil rights. He’s lied about being arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela. That kind of lying is one of the reasons he was dismissed as a buffoon for years until the Democrats thought they needed him as the safe, congenial old guy to secure their power.

But now, he told another whopper when he had the World Series winners, the Los Angeles Dodgers, to the White House on Friday. During the visit, he told the Dodgers that he hit a 368 ft. home run off the right-centerfield wall during a Congressional baseball game. He even claimed his “kids remember that.” CBS’ Bo Erickson, one of the few reporters who actually asks questions and reports like a real reporter should, took note, calling it “Peak Biden.”


Except, as with anything Biden says, it seems there was a small problem with that. Joe’s first year in Congress was 1973. Yes, he is that old. In 1974, as Zach Parkinson RNC Research Director and GOP Deputy Communications Director found, Biden actually went 0-2, the furthest you could get from hitting a monster home run.


It wasn’t just a problem with telling what didn’t happen. Parkinson also suggested there was Biden confusion about where the event occurred.

Parkinson pointed out how Biden had also exaggerated his football playing days in college in the past as well.

So what was the White House’s response when asked about this by Politico? They refused to comment. They can’t even come up with something to cover this lie, so they’re working with the “let’s just get through the news cycle” and hope everyone just forgets.



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