Biden Plays Bad Mask Theater and Freaks out the Secret Service

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

We’ve seen a lot of “mask theater” from Democrats — wearing masks for the cameras and then dispensing with them when they choose to. But Joe Biden is definitely in a class by himself, as he demonstrated today.


Biden has been a big proponent of masking for COVID. He even signed a mask mandate for federal property when he came into office — and then promptly broke it, along with other members of his family.

Biden’s mask wearing has been variable at best, not wearing it at a tightly-packed Congressional baseball game and taking it down when he’s talking to people which would sort of seem to defeat whatever purpose he imagines for it. He was also busted last week not wearing it while walking around in an expensive D.C. restaurant, breaking their mask mandate.

Biden was in New Jersey today. As we reported earlier, he set a bad example for kids at an elementary school in North Plainfield when talking about what it was like to be president, he told the kids how he tries to avoid questions from reporters. At another location at an NJ Transit maintenance facility in Kearny, Biden also told the debunked story of meeting the conductor Angelo Negri on the Amtrak train yet again. That’s the fifth time now this year. But he often changes parts of the story that could never have happened. This time he upped that mileage that he claimed Negri told him he had traveled on Amtrak over the year, claiming it was almost 2,200,000. He’s previously said 2 million and 1,515,000.

But today, while at the NJ Transit facility, Biden was back at the mask theater.

He walked up to the podium with a mask to speak, then left it without the mask, as he coughed into his hand and then shook hands with multiple people. I don’t know about you, but coughing into your hand and then shaking people’s hands is a no-no, even before COVID. It’s just gross. But he’s once again disregarding the mask etiquette that he pushes.


There’s also something else if you didn’t pick it up the first time in that video. You might notice how Biden leaves the podium, walks down the stairs and heads off to his right. But all the Secret Service guys are positioned over to his left. They basically have to run to catch up to him. You see the head guy ordering two of them to quickly get out ahead of Biden which likely means he had no protection up ahead. Not good. Was he supposed to walk in the other direction? Maybe. But he certainly threw them off and someone dropped the ball. He definitely caused a freak out there.


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