Joe Biden Doubles Down on Lies and Confusion at 'Build Back Better' Speech

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Joe Biden gave another speech today in support of his “build back better” agenda. The $3.5 trillion boondoggle plan currently hangs in the balance as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema demand deep cuts in order to secure a deal.


While giving the speech, Biden doubled down on a lie he told less than a week ago involving a supposed Amtrak worker who congratulated him for riding for millions of miles.

If you are keeping track, that marks the 5th time since Biden took office that he’s repeated the false story. In reality, the man he cites died a year before the president claims the story happened. But lest you think he’s just off by a year, the man in question had also not worked at Amtrak since 1993. Memories fail, but by over two decades? I don’t think anyone is buying that. Surely, someone has corrected Biden by now? Yet, he continues the falsehood anyway.

Later, the president got confused while speaking, as well. I assume he meant to say “commuter” here?

There were other embarrassing moments, but instead of focusing on the senility, I want to note just how silly this obsession with trains is by the Biden administration. Almost all of the Americans that are being asked to fund the president’s railway dreams have no use for such a system. The United States is far too spread out, and its people far too independent to be limited to prescheduled, relatively slow train service. So while Biden promises to take “millions” of cars off the road, I don’t think most people are going to abide by his plan.


Further, this entire push is just a massive giveaway to the largely wealthy, government apparatchiks who use the Amtrak system between New York and Washington, D.C.

Do you know who isn’t taking a train up to Manhattan every day? Your average working American. Yet, Biden wants to spend their hard-earned taxpayer dollars on his ridiculous pet project. Look, I’m glad Biden really enjoyed riding Amtrak during his mediocre career, so much so that he tells lies about how prolific of a rider he was. That doesn’t mean the rest of the country should pay for his delusions. The country is in enough debt as it is.

We should be spending money on things that actually matter to solve problems that actually need solving. Not pushing old technology that will never be as viable as road and air travel for the vast majority of Americans.


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