'Rules for Thee' Busts Hypocritical Joe Biden on 'Date Night'

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

If you’re sick of the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration, this story may just hit you right where you live.

It’s harder to get more hypocritical than Biden, who has spent most of the past nine months preaching at Americans over wearing masks and getting vaccinated.


Even after he signed an executive order mandating wearing masks on federal property, he and his family violated it almost immediately, right after he signed it. His wearing of a mask, while he demands it of others has often been hit or miss . As we noted during his visit to Connecticut, he didn’t have it on, put it on, and then took it off again.

But last night, he got busted violating the D.C. mask mandate, which was put in place by his fellow Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser in July. Since July 31, all people over age 2 are supposed to be wearing a mask indoors in any business open to the public, including restaurants. Bowser herself was at a party for her birthday without a mask, the night before it went into effect but after she signed the mandate.Then she was also busted again without a mask, after the mandate went into effect.

Biden was caught at Fiola Mare, an expensive Washington, D.C., seafood restaurant. Notice who isn’t masked – Biden and his wife. Notice who is – the help and what looks like Secret Service. Is there any clearer picture that rules don’t apply to the elite with the magic “D” after their names, but they do for all the rest of us poor peasants?


And no, for any of liberal apologists, he wasn’t ‘actively eating or drinking.’ He wasn’t wearing the mask as he came in, while he was standing in the restaurant, or even as he exited the establishment.

Apparently, he can’t be bothered with mask theater when it might infringe upon his own activities, just when it might infringe upon yours. This shows how much theater it really is, too. Because if he truly thought it important, as he claimed, he wouldn’t do this. I’m going to love to hear the spin on this one from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. They’re going to have a hard time spinning away this one.

How many times has he gone after people, even decried about unvaccinated people and being divisive, claiming his “patience is wearing thin“? But the “rules” don’t apply for him? How about our patience is wearing thin with these hypocritical people?


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