Whoops: Terry McAuliffe Caught on Video Saying How Unpopular Joe Biden Really Is

Joe Biden is in big trouble.

His approval has been cratering badly in the polls, not just with Republicans, but across all party lines, and even in deeply blue states like Minnesota.


He’s been met with protesters everywhere he goes, including hundreds of protesters out yesterday in Michigan, a vital swing state. That doesn’t bode well for the Democrats in 2022 or Biden in 2024, if he’s still running. And he’s shown he’s not at all happy about those protesters, mentioning them yesterday during his remarks.

He’s even inspired a popular movement, with people across the country from sporting events to concerts, chanting “F**k Joe Biden.” The chant even made it to NASCAR, although you wouldn’t know it if you listened to NBC since they spun the chant as “Let’s go, Brandon,” the name of the driver who won the recent Xfinity race.

But you know it’s bad when even his own people start throwing him under the bus and trying to distance themselves from him.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in a tight race for governor in Virginia with Glenn Youngkin. He was on a video teleconferencing call about the campaign when he told the people that they faced headwinds – a problem they had to face. What problem was that? Joe Biden.


“We got to get Democrats out to vote,” McAuliffe said. “We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington, as you know. The president is unpopular today, unfortunately here in Virginia, so we have got to plow through.”

Whoops. He just said that quiet part out loud there. And you know that isn’t going to make Joe happy. He was already upset, trying to justify himself in the face of the protesters yesterday. Now his own people are out there with the reality and it’s not going to go over well.

What has to trouble Biden, even more, is that he came out to support McAuliffe in July but now McAuliffe seems to be trying to distance himself from him. He’s refused to defend Biden when Youngkin has criticized him on things like Afghanistan and he’s even called Biden’s $3.5 spending spree reconciliation bill “too high.”

From Fox News:

Rachael Bade, a reporter for Politico, told ABC’s “This Week” that McAuliffe has been showing Democrats how to run and has “definitely been distancing himself” from the president during the campaign.

James Hohmann, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote in a recent column that Youngkin “ripped Biden during the final debate in Alexandria on Tuesday for ‘an abject failure of leadership’ in Afghanistan and the ‘absolute chaos’ at the southern border. McAuliffe didn’t come to the president’s defense on either issue. Instead, he said a $3.5 trillion price tag for the Democratic reconciliation package is ‘too high.’”


Now McAuliffe is not saying the package is too high because he is being honest – he’s one of the most craven politicians ever. It’s because he’s being calculating – he knows Biden and Biden’s legislation is not going over well in Virginia and that’s why he’s trying to distance himself. When McAuliffe is doing that, you know it’s not going well for Biden there.

I’d also be curious as to who leaked the call because if McAuliffe was presumably on Democratic campaign people, another sign that things are not going well for the Democrats is that someone put that piece of information out there. Sounds like not everything is going well over there.


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