Biden Falls Into Incoherence Again, Shows How Bothered He Is by Protesters

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I wrote earlier about how the fact that people were holding up signs saying “F Joe Biden” was getting to Joe Biden.

How did I know that? Because he mentioned it on September 11 when he visited the 9/11 memorial in Shanksville, PA. He even invoked the dead, saying, “What would the people who died be thinking?” Biden declared. “They think it makes sense to be doing this kinda thing where you ride down the street and see a sign that says ‘F so-and-so?’” He literally was trying to use the dead to defend himself as though they would object to people being critical of him. What an odd and inappropriate thing to do on 9/11.


I also wrote about the hundreds of protesters greeting him today when he got to Michigan, holding up some of those very signs, chanting “F Joe Biden,” but more importantly showing that — in the very swing state of Michigan — he was in deep trouble and citizens of the state were not approving of him and his policies. Indeed, there seemed to be more protesters out than there were supporters at the event to greet him, where he got only lukewarm applause with just a few claps.

Joe Biden again showed that the protestors were getting to him during the remarks that he delivered to the Operating Engineers union. Listen as he feels he has to justify himself.

The five people in the audience agreed? He surely has great trouble getting supporters for such a popular guy. There were hundreds more out on the highway chanting against him. So if he wants to talk about what the places like Howell, Michigan are telling him — they’re out on the street sending him a message — he’s just refusing delivery on it. More broadly, a recent Michigan poll also gave him a big message, with 39% approving and 53% disproving. No wonder he feels he has to justify himself. But unfortunately, he’s not making it any better by doing anything worthy of support.


As we noted, he made some weird incoherent remark about Gretchen Whitmer and her lieutenant governor. “Of course it’s great to be here with my friend, we’ve become friends,” Biden began, referring to Whitmer. “An outstanding Governor, one of the best Governors in the United States of America and her Lieutenant Governor, who covers her in every way both in terms of physically and mentally and every other way.” I’m not even sure we really want to know what he means by that.

But Biden also spoke incoherently about his “grandpop.” If you can figure out where he’s saying Grandpop worked here, I’ll give you the prize.

Grandpop did it, back “at the turn of the,” “in the 1920, in that area.” And what did any of that have to do with electrical charging stations? I’m so confused.

Hey, at least he knows he’s outside, right? Or maybe not.

But in case any of the media was getting complacent, he made a joke — well, one hopes it was a joke — that, “I am learning how to fly drones, guys, so be careful”


Now, given that his administration just last month killed 10 people, including seven children, in a horrible mistake with a drone strike in Afghanistan, it might be just a bit too soon for such joke. Not to mention that it sounds a bit like a threat. If President Donald Trump had made such a joke, it would be all over CNN treated as such.

Bottom line? He has a lot to worry about in Michigan. They’re not feeling him and he needs the state. As we noted, even the union he visited isn’t liking his policy when it comes to the Enbridge pipeline. He throws out a lot of words, but when push comes to shove, Americans are seeing that his policies and decisions are harming them.


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