Biden in Deep 'Trouble' in Polls With Every Group — Even in Deep-Blue Minnesota

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Joe Biden’s polls have continued to crater.

Now, even the liberal pollster John Zogby is saying there’s a big problem for him. “At the moment, he’s in trouble,” Zogby said.


Biden’s had more bad polls this week including two — the Gallup and the Pew — which show double-digit dives in approval and Biden underwater. The Pew poll also indicated that Biden was losing ground with black and Hispanic voters as well.

Biden lost 18 points in his job approval rating among black people in last two months, 16 points among Hispanics, 14 points among Asians, but only eight points among white people.

Joe Biden’s job approval is 44-53 in the new poll from Pew. He was 55-43 in Pew’s July poll, so this is a drop of 21 points in two months. This follows yesterday’s Gallup poll which had his approval at 43 versus 53.

Pew also found the same problem for Biden that we previously reported on from a Fox poll — with most people finding him not mentally sharp enough to hold the office.


On top of that, there’s a third poll from Rasmussen showing that in a new election, President Donald Trump would win by 10 points, and that 1 in 5 Democrats would now vote for Trump.

“Donald Trump, you know, could possibly win. The issue now is going to be whether or not Joe Biden can get his sea legs, which is very possible, but it’s really challenging because he’s on the defensive on so many issues. There is a strong element of buyer’s remorse,” Zogby explained. “Nothing is going right for him,” he said “And he really cannot have more weeks like this.”

Zogby gave him a “D” for the week.

On top of all that, even in a deep blue state like Minnesota — the one state in the union that voted for their Democrat when Ronald Reagan had a 49-1 state landslide in 1984 — Biden is in deep trouble.

In a poll of 800 registered voters between September 13 to September 15, the latest Star Tribune/MPR News/KARE 11/ FRONTLINE Minnesota Poll revealed how much on the rocks Biden truly is – 51% disapproved of Biden’s job performance while only 47% approved. This is also a poll that’s weighted toward Democrats — with 37% Democrats, 31% Republicans, and 32% independents or other.


Keep in mind that Biden won big in Minnesota with a seven point lead over Trump, so to have that much of a swing like this to disapproval has to be driving the Biden folks into absolute fits behind the scenes.

All of this boils down to people finally seeing that they were sold a lie — he isn’t the competent moderate that they were sold. Even among the Democrats who voted for him, a lot of them are regretting it. He’s lost the independents, too. So unless he finds some way out of the mess that he’s created for himself, he’s going to help sink the Democrats big time when it comes to 2022.


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