Runaway Texas Dems Air Their Dirty Laundry in Embarrassing Display

What kind of people make up lies about their co-workers, spread those lies through the media, all in the effort to try to get more power and hoodwink people?

That’s the runaway Texas Democrats right now. As we noted, they know the Texas bill is not denying one person the right to vote. Indeed, one of their group, James Talarico was asked and couldn’t even name one person who would be kept from voting. He also admitted that he was opposed to voter ID.


Yet, here they are, costing the citizens of Texas $43,000/day to have nothing done in the state legislature, while they are off, acting like drama llamas because they can’t win a vote fair and square. They’re literally obstructing the vote as they run off. These are the very same folks claiming we should get rid of the filibuster in Congress while they are actually trying to stall a vote. The difference is that the filibuster is a legitimate part of the system and the rules of the Senate. Their action is just performance drama. It just shows what hypocrites they are.

But they’re still continuing the tantrum, crying about their sacrifice in D.C., pretending they are somehow heroic, while acting like juveniles. As we reported, you had Gene Wu who mocked the appearance of his Republican colleague after Cain called on him to come back. Cain didn’t insult Wu, but Wu claimed Cain looked like a serial killer and then he mocked him wearing a Stetson, which also isn’t going to go over well here in Texas. Then Wu claimed because Cain had “insulted” him that he could insult him back. What a wonderful thing when you have a legislator that acts like a 12 year old.


Wu didn’t have any issues with mocking voters either, as I previously reported, with this nasty tweet.

But in case you didn’t get that their ‘sacrifice’ is just so harsh, one of the runaway Democrats, Donna Howard tried hard to convince people last night with her tweet. They’re not just airing their dirty laundry figuratively, they’re doing it literally as well.


What a hardship! She actually has to wash out her own clothes.

I think about how Cubans are marching, being beaten and arrested in a quest for their freedom. Howard and the runaway Dems have all that. Yet instead of celebrating America and what we have, they’re acting as though they are somehow deprived, that people are losing the right to vote, because they can’t win a vote on election security. That’s embarrassing and that’s ridiculous.


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