Pete Hegseth Nails Runaway Texas Dem to the Wall With One Simple Question

Pete Hegseth talks with runaway Texas Dem, James Talarico. Credit: Screenshot

Texas Democrats have fled the state claiming that they’re fighting “voter suppression” in the Republicans’ election security bill, they’re “saving democracy” and fighting for the “right to vote.”


Of course, everyone who can legally vote is able to vote, not one person is being denied the right to vote by bettering election security. Texas is actually giving more hours and expanding early voting to 12 days. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s state of Delaware doesn’t have any early voting, a point that Texas Governor Greg Abbott made. But what it is doing is requiring voter ID for mail-in ballots. They already have voter ID for in-person voting. So why would anyone object? They would object if they wanted to cheat through the mail-in ballot.

So you would think if this bill is as horrible as the Texas Democrats say — if it’s Jim Crow, worst thing since the Civil War, a “domestic threat” that he must protect against, as Joe Biden claims — then they should be able to tell us who is actually being denied the right to vote, right? They’re saying that’s happening. So who is being denied?

Fox’s Pete Hegseth asked that very question of one of the runaway Texas Democrats, James Talarico. He wasn’t able to name one person who would be denied.


Democrats seem to want no security, no ID, no verification of who is voting — that’s the real issue. That’s why they’re really upset here, because this interferes with their efforts at a power grab. They know they will lose and don’t want the election security.

Talarico goes even further and gives the game away when he even admits that he’s against voter ID, something most Americans support, with good reason.

Pete Hegseth is incredulous that Talarico admits it, that he doesn’t want to secure the most “sacred” right of voting. Talarico tries to evade Hegseth’s probing, saying there are folks that don’t have driver’s licenses. But that isn’t what the law says is required. You can prove your ID by other means, as Hegseth explains. Who are these adults who don’t have ID or can’t prove who they are? In Texas, even doctors’ offices ask you for ID, an odd thing I had never heard of coming from New Jersey, but just found out after moving to Texas. So either Democrats pushing this are racist and want to push this nonsensical “people of color can’t get ID” thing again. Or they simply don’t want ID required at all, as Talarico admitted because they don’t want the security of the vote.



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