Runaway Texas Dems Getting Extra Pay While on the Lam and Costing the Taxpayers a Bundle

AP Photo/Eric Gay

The runaway Texas Democrats are touting their ‘courage’ for running off to D.C. on an extended junket while not doing the job that they were elected to do.


But it turns out that not only are they receiving their salaries while doing this; the Democrat state representatives are also receiving a special stipend (or per diem) of $221.00 per day for every day the legislature is in session, even though they aren’t actually there, according to Fox. So they’re getting paid extra while working less, on the taxpayer dime.

The communications and strategy director for the Texas Democratic Caucus Cara Santucci had claimed that no taxpayer dollars were “going into this work” of the Democrats. So obviously this was a lie, since they’re still getting that money (unless they specifically turn it down, as at least one legislator tweeted that she had).

On top of that, because the Democrats aren’t there, the work the legislature is supposed to get done – passing bills – can’t get done because there isn’t a quorum. So nothing is getting passed, yet everyone is still being paid. That amounts to about $43,000 per day for nothing because of the Democrats’ obstructionist move. So yes, it is costing Texas a lot, every single day.

Republican Rep. Jared Patterson is keeping a count for the record.


The Speaker of the House Dade Phelan is asking the Democrats to return the extra money that they’re getting.

“Under the Texas Constitution….per diem must be paid to each member for each day of a special session, regardless of whether the member is actually present,” Phelan said. “I am requesting all members who are intentionally absent for the purpose of preventing the House from conducting business during the special session to return your constitutional per diem to the state’s treasury immediately upon receipt.”

The Democratic Caucus chair Rep. Chris Turner had the audacity to say they’re entitled to the money because “we’re working harder doing what we’re doing right now than we would be if we had stayed in the chamber.”

These people really are delusional and full of themselves.

Yes, let’s look at what these characters are doing while they’re “working” so much “harder.”

Here’s Rep. Gene Wu.


This was after he insulted Texas voters the day before.

I’m just betting that’s not what Texas voters thought they were paying for when voting for their representatives.


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