Texas Dem Gene Wu Accidentally Makes Case to Be the First Arrested Upon Return After Pathetic Stunt

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My colleague Nick Arama previously reported on how the Texas Democrats who fled the state earlier this week and headed to Washington, D.C. are busy wasting taxpayer money in a multitude of ways, most notably by spending a lot of time on social media playing “check out what I ate!!” and begging people to notice them with all their cutesy tweets.


One of the most outspoken of the bunch has been Texas State Rep. Gene Wu (HD137), who has made it his personal mission not only to provide hourly updates on the food choices he’s made (which were paid for by a taxpayer-funded per diem), but also by taking cheap shots at his Republican colleagues who are having to sit on the sidelines in Texas because the Democrats who cut and run have denied them a quorum to conduct state business during the special session.

Most recently, Wu took aim at Republican State Rep. Briscoe Cain (HD128) after Cain had the nerve to question whether Wu was going to use the paycheck he hadn’t earned:

This was Wu’s initial response:


An hour or so later, and perhaps after he’d had several of the Miller Lite beers they brought along with them on the trip, Wu proceeded to pretend to play tough guy, issuing a laughable warning of sorts to Cain not to “cry about it later” (because being a keyboard warrior is really a tough job, y’all):

But it was what he tweeted next where Wu unintentionally made his strongest case yet to be the first Democrat arrested when the lot of them decide to return:

He did the same thing in a follow-up tweet, again putting the “a**” in “classy”:

What made Wu’s cheap shots about Cain’s looks especially offensive and despicable is that Cain has autism. I’ve read that the level of autism can be determined by facial features, and presumably Wu knows this as well since they’ve served in the state legislature for the last several years together.


If it was legal to arrest people for being obnoxious [insert crude term here], Texas Gov. Greg Abbott would have a strong case made by Wu himself for making him the first to be arrested upon his return.

What a loathsome jerk. Whatever you do in life, don’t be this guy.

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