WATCH: Cop Makes Hilarious Video Just Roasting LeBron James

As we reported, basketball star LeBron James put a big target on the back of the Columbus, Ohio, cop who shot Ma’Khia Bryant while she was trying to stab another black girl.


He posted this tweet to his 50 million followers, but then later deleted it after a huge backlash.

He later followed up with this justification for threatening the officer.

What James pointed out with this tweet was how this really isn’t about “black lives.” Because if your first concern is black lives, you see that the officer saved the life of the black victim. If your first concern is having a cudgel to attack police with, you don’t see that.


Many, including former police officer Brandon Tatum and former NFL player Marcellus Wiley called out James’ response.

The Columbus officer was faced with the worst possible situation to drive up to, a life or death decision, with a couple of seconds to decide how to respond. No, he didn’t have time to “de-escalate;” he barely saved the life of the girl in pink, as it was.

But now, a police officer has a great response to LeBron, taking on the question of how James and others on the left seem to think the Columbus officer should have responded in a humorous, TikTok video. This is great.

Perfect! Best part? “Michael Jordan’s the GOAT.”

Hopefully, this cop doesn’t get canned for this comedic turn. But nicely done, officer, and spot on!


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