Lebron James Says 'Hold My Beer,' Threatens Officer Involved in Columbus Police Shooting

(AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)

The shooting of a 16-year-old in Columbus, OH, which occurred as she was trying to stab another girl, has become the story of the day. RedState first reported the news yesterday evening.


Now, the big brains in politics and sports are weighing in despite the body-cam footage being very clear-cut as to what happened. Joe Biden gave his disgusting statement, trying to tie the shooting to racism and police violence, neither of which apply here. Other Democrats virtue signaled while not explicitly accusing the officer-involved of murder.

Then there’s Lebron James. He decided to say “hold my beer” and just outright threaten the officer in question because this is what our country has come to.

(Update: Lebron deleted the tweet, but here’s a copy of it below.)

Next for what? A commendation for saving the life of an unarmed black girl? You’d also be mistaken for thinking James’ threat is one of physical violence. There are certainly a lot of people in the violent mobs we’ve witnessed over the last year that will be more than happy to dance to James’ tune here, and I don’t think they are thinking about courtrooms.

What this really shows, though, is that James is a heartless opportunist who cares more about signaling how woke he is than the life of a girl that was about to be stabbed. By his words, this officer should have sat back and just let Ma’Khia Bryant kill another person. As I explained prior, there was simply no way you could tase the assailant in that short amount of time, at that range, and have any confidence you could stop the threat before the knife was plunged into the probable victim. If there was ever a case for the use of deadly force, this was it.


Further, the assailant’s age is irrelevant. Police can’t just know that someone is 16 when they roll onto a scene. What they see are a weapon and an altercation. They then have to react to the circumstances placed before them. These are split-second, life-or-death decisions being made. The officer could either shoot or watch someone who was unarmed and holding a dog get stabbed. There was no third option where he teleports and tackles her while she’s flailing about with a knife.

But none of the facts matter to James because James is a moron. I mean that sincerely. He’s not a man who shows any care for understanding fact patterns and nuance, and he’s shown that over and over. He’s also a race grifter who craves the platform afforded to him by being woke.

Great basketball player, though.


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