Ex-NFL Player and Cop Blasts 'High Horse' LeBron James: Surrounded by 'White People'

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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Or in the case of NBA star LeBron James — who also moonlights as a world-renowned, law enforcement expert — say stupid things, get torched. And James has been torched to a charcoal briquette — again — over the last several days.


The latest personality to burn James and his latest stupid utterance to a crisp was former NFL player and retired police officer, Brandon Tatum, who on Thursday said comments by James about the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, push “a dangerous and false narrative that law enforcement is racist.”

During an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Tatum teed off on James and others for “lying” not only about the police officer involved in the shooting but the intentions of knife-wielding 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant, as well.

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” Tatum told Ingraham.

“They should be ashamed of themselves coming out lying on this police officer and lying on that girl. That girl had a knife in her hand and she was getting ready to stab another young black girl in the face.

“She wasn’t just ‘swinging’ a knife. She was going to stab the girl in the face and she was fatally shot. Officers have every right to use deadly force against another person to protect the life of another individual.”

Tatum, who has 545K Twitter followers, has also been vocal, there.


“As she was attempting to stab another girl. People need to stop getting on TV lying about their kids. I saw the body camera…”

Better be careful, Brandon; Jack might tire of your truth-telling at any random moment.

Host Laura Ingraham agreed with Tatum, suggesting James, lawmakers, and the liberal media intentionally push hatred in America — for personal gain.

These people want there to be hatred and evilness in our country and they want police officers to be demonized.

“They want police officers and the public to have conflicts [so] they can continue to get better ratings.

“They can continue to get reelected, keep promising the public [policies] they can never deliver on.”

Tatum said the aforementioned “seem almost disappointed” when “the facts don’t match up with [the] narrative” to “vilify the police, whether it’s [the] skin color of the people involved or whether there was a weapon involved.”

As I’ve also suggested on a number of recent occasions, Tatum believes the left is not only not hurting white people —but making “black people become more violent,” as well. (emphasis, mine)


“This is not hurting white people. It’s making other black people become more violent [and] feel like their life is endangered by police.

“They’re going to end up getting hurt and end up dying and not having patrols in their communities, which makes their communities more violent. It’s not hurting white people.

It’s hurting black people and is perpetuated by a lot of lack leaders.”

Tatum then jacked up his blowtorch to full-blast and went specifically after James.

“LeBron James is living on a high horse in a multimillion dollar house, living near nothing but white people.

At the drop of a dime, he will have white officers at his house doing investigations on false claims, if there are some.

LeBron James and the people like the BLM cofounder living in million-dollar houses, they don’t care.

“I really wish they would be held accountable and at least be ashamed of what they’re doing to our country.”

Brandon Tatum drops mic, walks off stage.

As to James being “at least ashamed,” Brandon, you’re not holding your breath, right? As I reported on Thursday in an article titled LeBron Again Opens Mouth to Change Feet in First Response Since Deleting ‘You’re Next’ Tweet, “King James” has no intention of doing anything of the kind, nor apologizing for putting a target on the back of the police officer.


As I wrote in the article, “Mr. Accountability” has no problem rushing to defend his Chinese overlords from other NBA players and coaches who are courageous enough to speak out against Communist China’s continuing efforts to snuff out democracy in Hong Kong — not to mention the oppression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. And why is that? (See: “money talks.”)

Besides, when was the last time you heard James whine about being “so damn tired” of seeing black people killed by black people? Other than never, I mean?


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