Biden's Chief of Staff Tries to Spin Their Abysmal Response on Schools, Only Makes Things Worse

Biden's Chief of Staff Tries to Spin Their Abysmal Response on Schools, Only Makes Things Worse
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We’ve been covering the ridiculous responses of the Biden team when it comes to the question of having schools open.

They can’t seem to get their act together and seem completely controlled by the teachers’ unions.

It’s become so ridiculous that the mainstream media, usually a bastion of support for Joe Biden, is pushing his team to get answers and even they seem frustrated and annoyed by the evasion and ever-changing responses.

Even the WaPo notes how the Biden team seems to be ignoring the science and the recommendations of the CDC.

I covered CNN’s John Berman trying to pin down Symone Sanders on whether Biden’s position was that teachers needed to be vaccinated before opening schools where he does a very credible job of trying to get her to respond. My colleague Bonchie covered the evasion of Kamala Harris on the same subject, where she basically admitted they had no plan apart from seemingly going against the CDC’s recommendation. But they apparently hadn’t gotten their days marching orders from the unions so weren’t able to give any kind of a response to the questions.

The failure to be definitive and responsive is also tanking Biden in the polls as many parents in places where they haven’t fully opened are desperately looking for help in getting some action.

So what did the Biden team try to do with all this furor they were facing?

Check it out as Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain tries to blame President Donald Trump.

Now what a slimy and duplicitous tweet that is.

First, Trump didn’t have control over school closings which again is a local matter, not controlled by the government, and of course they were closed initially. But it’s also Democrats and Democratic governors who largely were pushing for it so to suggest now as Klain does that somehow that’s something he can slap Trump with is hypocritical in the extreme.

Second, most schools were open fully or open in some hybrid state (in-person, virtual) before Biden even got in office. Often where they are closed is in Democratic bastions, hardly something under Trump control.

Third, at what point does Biden start taking responsibility? Jen Psaki when asked about Biden’s promise in December to have most schools open in his first 100 days, backpedaled and said they hoped to have schools open with at least one day of instruction by the end of the 100 days (in April). But schools are already open more than that. So what were they going to do, go backwards and be open less? Biden’s response to being asked about that was that was “what was reported” and that there was a “miscommunication.” No, that’s what she said. And he still couldn’t give a definitive answer to the questions being asked about schools.

By 2024?

Even folks on the left weren’t buying Klain’s distraction.

Are they going to try to excuse themselves for the next four years this way following in the not-glorious tradition of Barack Obama?

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