Kamala Harris Reminds Everyone Why She's Not President in a Train-Wreck Interview

Kamala Harris may be vice president by virtue of the dictate of Joe Biden, but there’s a reason she’s not the president via a democratic process. That was made clear in her most recent interview. A train-wreck of a performance, all of her lack of political skill was on display.


The questioning involved re-opening schools, a topic that Joe Biden and his administration flacks have flip-flopped on more times perhaps any other topic in the last month. One day you have Jen Psaki saying it’s a goal of at least one day a week. Then Biden contradicts her. Then the handlers go onto the cable shows and contradict everyone.

For Harris’ part, she just attempts to avoid giving a real answer altogether while essentially admitting they have no real strategy.

It’s a total mystery how this woman’s presidential campaign, after probably receiving more adulation than any other, crashed and burned before the first primary vote was held. It’s almost as if she’s just a terrible politician and leader that people are reflexively turned off by? Of course, you wouldn’t know that judging by the press coverage she gets. They treat her as a dynamo whose every utterance is worthy of praise.

Regardless, what is obvious is that Harris is as unprepared for this moment as she was for her presidential run. She’s a deeply unimpressive figure who makes Hillary Clinton look authentic and likable. Harris even has the awkward cackle that appears when a question needs avoiding down to a science.


Further, Harris plays the same role her boss has also become accustomed to — namely, being a coward who seeks to avoid all responsibility for any tough decision. That’s how you get this mealy-mouthed response to school re-openings and a total subservience to teachers’ unions that continue to spit in the face of science. It’s also in stark contrast to President Trump’s leadership. While his critics like to claim he was a faux tough guy, he was willing to own the re-opening of the economy and schools in the face of a hysterical media complex. He was also willing to put his name on the line for the development of a vaccine when it was far from certain we’d get one in a timely manner. That’s far more courageous than anything we’ve seen from this current administration.

Meanwhile, Biden and Harris can’t even put their stamp on a real plan to force the re-opening of schools. To do so would require real leadership, and that’s in short supply these days.


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