Even CNN Gets Exasperated With the Stonewalling by the Biden Team and Busts Them

Even CNN Gets Exasperated With the Stonewalling by the Biden Team and Busts Them
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How bad is the Biden team’s response to questions on school reopening?

Really bad doesn’t quite cover it. They just keep digging themselves a bigger and bigger hole, failing to respond or giving contradictory or shifting answers.

We reported on some of it already, with Jen Psaki last week seemingly suggesting that Biden’s goal was to have schools less open than they already are in many states. That prompted people to ask was the Biden team working for the teacher’s unions or the kids?

Then at the CNN town hall last night, Joe Biden himself tried to lay off the confusion on false reporting but media had actually reported exactly what Jen Psaki said.

When even CNN gets exasperated at the Biden team’s stonewalling, then you know it’s bad.

Here’s CNN’s John Berman trying to get answers from Kamala Harris’ spokesperson, Symone Sanders. He asks a simple question: Does Joe Biden think that it’s necessary that teachers be vaccinated before reopening schools? Berman was trying to get at what was holding the Biden folks up in the process. He says “It really is a yes or no question.” But Sanders wasn’t for giving him an answer to that very simple question and check the face he makes when she tries to evade it and tell him what she thinks the “real question” is. You can see how throughout her answer, he’s trying to hold it together to keep from just laughing at how silly the evasive response is.

Symone Sanders says she thinks she’s been clear, Biden has been clear and Harris has been clear that teachers should be prioritized, not answering his question and not being clear. At all. Then while not answering she goes off into a spin about the “calling” to be a teacher and adds “Dr” Jill is a teacher as well. Ok. What’s the answer to the darn question! Berman then busts them, saying he knows he’s “not going to get an answer.”

So why is this so hard to answer? Because although the federal government doesn’t control the opening of local public schools, the teachers’ unions appear to have been weighing in a lot on the subject. Does the Biden team not want to answer even simple questions without the permission of the teachers’ unions? What happened to following the science? At what point does this become absolutely ridiculous with the contortions they are performing on the subject?

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