Jen Psaki Just Explained How Biden Is Not Only Failing On Another Promise, But Actually Going Backwards

While Joe Biden has been busy about doing things that kill thousands of jobs and otherwise harm the country, doing anything that would actually be beneficial to Americans is not only in short supply (read: non-existent) and indeed, even going backwards.


Let’s look at what Biden promised in December.

Now of course, most people who are going to wear masks are already wearing them. So basically he’s saying “I’m going to act like I’m doing something by virtue signaling and over something I have no real power over anyway.” Best he could do was executive order it on federal property and then he and his family immediately violated the order, with Jen Psaki explaining that as the “celebration” exception.

It remains to be seen whether they can meet the 100 million shots goal, but wouldn’t have any possibility of that but for the work of Operation Warp Speed and President Donald Trump. Biden initially set a goal of 1 million shots a day. Which should have been easy to meet, since Trump was already doing it. Some goal when all you’re doing is inheriting what’s already being done.

But then the last part of the promises, having “most schools open” in the first 100 days.

Let’s hear what that means to Biden, according to Jen Psaki.


So it means 50.01 schools “open” with at least one day a week of teaching. By April 30, almost three months away.


If you see that promise in December, is that really what you would think that it meant? It’s like how he promised $2000 virus relief checks that have now been adjusted to $1400. Folks particularly in Georgia who thought he actually meant what he said are now furious. Isn’t it enough that they do in your ability to work. Now they also pull back the help they promised?

But there’s a kicker here too, as there always is with anything Biden promises. The kicker is a bit like Biden’s vaccination goal. Most schools are already open more than that. But the Biden team doesn’t appear to understand that. Nor did they do anything to achieve that. They’re literally talking about doing less than what is already being done now. That’s a goal? And why would they want to do less, unless they’re beholden to the teachers’ union to do less.

Check out these stats. FYI, “hybrid” = 2-3 days a week in school.


Biden’s just circling back, apparently.

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