Twitter Gets Busted Big Time for How Differently They Treat Biden Scandal Versus New Illegally Leaked Info About Trump

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Twitter was quick to shut down the NY Post’s story that kicked up the allegations concerning Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden, a week ago. Not only that, but the NY Post, one of the oldest newspapers in the country, still has their Twitter account shut down since October 14.

Twitter tried to stop anyone from linking to the story and even subsequent stories on the same scandal. Twitter made various claims as to why they were doing it. New York Post reporter Noah Manskar said the paper received an email from Twitter saying the Hunter Biden stories violated Twitter’s rules against the “distribution of hacked material.”

But of course the material wasn’t hacked and there hasn’t been any evidence to suggest it was. Twitter also claimed the material was not verified or obtained illegally. But of course, that wasn’t true either. Even if it had been true, it’s a standard they haven’t been applying to anything else. They’ve certainly not squashed the demonstrably false stories about President Donald Trump with the same alacrity with which they have tried to suppress this story about Hunter and Joe Biden.

Take for example the story that The NY Times ran, about Trump having a bank account in China.

Now, the account was a business account, not a personal account, from some years ago and is inactive. Unlike Joe and Hunter Biden, it doesn’t show any connection to China. So it’s pretty much a non-story that The NY Times is trying to whip into something. But the information allegedly comes from Trump’s tax return information. So either it’s untrue or it’s completely a product of an illegal leak of the information. So it would seem exactly the thing that Twitter should be flagged according to the new Hunter Biden rule.

So did Twitter flag The NY Times story? Did they try to suppress the story? Try to shut down their Twitter account?

Of course not. They even had it trend on Twitter yesterday, despite the fact there was nothing to the story.

Meanwhile, the NY Post is still locked out of their account. The liberal media who claims to care about free speech has said nothing about what was done to the Post.

But Twitter and The NY Times are objective neutral entities, right?

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