What the Media Isn't Reporting About Andrew Cuomo's Nursing Home Scandal

Well, it looks like Donald Trump was wrong about at least one thing.

Though it scarcely seems credible, CNN anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo may not actually be the dumbest kid in his family.

I know, seems impossible.

But how else to explain the reckless stupidity on display when elder brother, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, decided to not just write a book about what an awesome job he did against COVID-19, but also mount a cross-country victory tour to celebrate — even though his state ranks second in reported fatalities, both by raw numbers AND relative to population?

We all know that mainstream journalists are paid to do one–and only one–thing: suppress any and all speech or information that might interfere with the designs of their corporate masters, with a special eye towards protecting that other profession entirely populated by unrepentant globalist puppets—Democrat politicians.

And, it must be said, the blue media were doing their usual bang-up job making sure most of the public remained entirely in the dark—not just about Cuomo’s extraordinarily high COVID body count— but, even more importantly, about that March 25 order of his that forced NY nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients, irrespective of how lousy an idea doing so obviously was.

Whether and to what extent a positive test result really indicates infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus alleged to cause COVID-19 is, of course, a matter of some dispute.

But, regardless, there’s no question Cuomo’s mandate wound up packing a lot of patients sick with some kind of contagious respiratory ailment—be it COVID-19 or something else—into locked down nursing homes filled with elderly, frail patients who had no escape from inhaling recirculated air now rife with infectious particles all day, every day.

Nor is there much doubt that tens of thousands of them wound up needlessly dying, due to the perfect storm of conditions for a fatal respiratory outbreak that any fool could see would be created by locking down sick people with nursing home patients already on their last legs.

The scandal here is, obviously, huge. But those tens of thousands of NY nursing home casualties are just the tip of the iceberg the media was successfully hiding, until Cuomo’s book and victory tour made them impossible to ignore. And, as anyone with a lick of sense could have guessed, the national media are taking great care not to direct the public’s attention to a gargantuan ugly chunk of ice that’s lurking below.

As my regular readers know all too well. Cuomo isn’t by any means the only U.S. politician to issue such a deadly mandate. And, factoring in the rest of the unsavory crew of Democrat governors who did the same, paints a very stark picture of the extent to which they were responsible for both COVID-19’s official death toll, as well as the needless imposition of crippling restrictions that have rained down more hardship, misery, and death on the American people than any foreign enemy has managed even during times of war.

Just like Andrew Cuomo in New York, the Democratic governors of Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania all forced their states’ nursing homes to admit patients diagnosed with COVID-19. And it turns out that, if you remove just those four states from the U.S. data–plus three more that also reported extraordinarily high nursing home fatalities (IL, CT, and MA, all but the latter governed by a Democrat)–the number of COVID-19 fatalities never even reached the CDC’s threshold for an epidemic!

So, by keeping quiet about the three, other Democrat governors who issued the same disastrous order as Cuomo, and the enormous extent to which those four are likely to blame for both COVID-19’s official U.S. death toll, as well as the restrictions imposed on the 40-some-odd states that neither issued orders effectively converting their nursing homes to death camps nor, collectively, suffered all that many reported C19 fatalities… the media has managed to stop the public from asking obvious questions about what those four, Democrat governors were trying to accomplish by issuing mandates any fool could see was going to cause a catastrophe.

This is, of course, another matter of some dispute.

My own view is that the horrific consequences of, not just forcing contagiously ill patients into nursing homes but also lockdowns and all the rest of the unprecedented measures, ranging from degrading and harmful to outright deadly that were inflicted on us this past year, had to be intended.

For what it’s worth, I just can’t take seriously the idea that, for example, it never occurred to Anthony Fauci that shutting down treatment for cancer and other diseases far deadlier than COVID-19 was bound to have an enormous death toll of its own. Or that Fauci didn’t realize the isolation, fear, and economic ruin he was so keen to inflict on working-class Americans would drive countless already struggling under the weight of depression, addiction, or simply the ordinary burdens of life to a miserable and degrading death by suicide or drug overdose.

Your mileage may vary. But, I’d have a tough time believing someone who—after firing a bullet at my head—claimed he was only trying to scare a bee away so I didn’t get stung.

But, as it turns out, the media is hiding more than:

  1. The existence of three, other Democrat governors who also forced contagious patients into locked-down nursing homes.
  2. The extent to which the death toll used to terrorize the entire nation into submission may have been almost entirely a function of their and Cuomo’s obviously catastrophic decisions to do so.
  3. The fact that, regardless, the COVID-19 “epidemic” was restricted to around a half-dozen states.
  4. And, hence, how criminally-unjustified the suffering inflicted on the rest of us, under the pretense of ameliorating it, was.

Moreover, it turns out that the rest of what you’re not being told may provide a more mundanely-evil motive for their decisions than willfully trying to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans in order to provide a body count for a virus that—even counting all the extra death they likely caused—the data has consistently shown is, at worst, no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

You see, the federal government has incentivized COVID-19 diagnoses in ways that likely generated enormous profits for all those nursing homes forced to take in COVID-19 patients by Andrew Cuomo, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, and New Jersey’s Phil Murphy.

To give credit where credit is due, Ron Kim, a New York Democratic Party assemblyman who’s been working overtime to see that Cuomo’s held accountable for all the deaths he caused is claiming that nursing homes receive double the amount for COVID-19 patients than they would for admitting a regular long-term resident—and, hence, that the orders Cuomo gave wound up dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into their coffers.

Assemblyman Kim didn’t give any link to verify this information. However, I can confirm that he appears to be correct that Medicare does, indeed, generally pay out around twice as much to nursing homes as Medicaid.

According to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care:

Medicaid reimburses skilled nursing properties at an average national rate of $206, less than half the rate paid by Medicare and Managed Medicare, $503 and $433, respectively.

And according to the advocacy group Area Agency on Aging 1-B, Kim appears to also be correct that Medicare, rather than Medicaid, is responsible for reimbursing patients temporarily shunted off into nursing homes after being discharged from the hospital.

I’ll update this article if and when I’m able to find more confirmation for Kim’s claim. But presumably, a Democratic New York state assemblyman wouldn’t be raising this issue if he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Assuming Kim is correct about the amount of money that went into nursing home coffers thanks to the orders Cuomo and the other Democratic governors gave forbidding nursing homes from declining patients diagnosed with COVID-19, their mandates may have given long-term care establishments a justification and, in the process, relieved them of any responsibility for raking in a fortune, while doing something that they would have otherwise had a very hard time explaining once the dust settled and the ensuing catastrophe became apparent.

Moreover, as ace cyber-intelligence analyst, Yaacov Apelbaum, reported way back in May:

  • “In 2018, as Governor Andrew Cuomo faced a challenge to his reelection bid in the New York State Democratic primary, he got a last-minute $1 million cash infusion from the General New York Hospital Association (GNYHA)”—a powerful NY healthcare lobbying group that represents hospitals and nursing homes.
  • That same outfit also “gave Cuomo’s New York State Democratic committee large donations which were deposited into his party’s housekeeping account and used to bankroll his re-election. The money among other things was used to buy TV ads to support his proposed budget, launch his progressive anti-gun crusade, and his 2018 campaign.
  • “On April 2, 2020, [Andrew Cuomo] quietly signed legislation shielding hospital and nursing home executives from any lawsuits stemming from the Covid-19 outbreak. The clauses, inserted into the annual budget bill, gave blanket immunity protections for healthcare industry executives and administrators.”

Finally, as the Guardian also reported in May:

Another GNYHA lobby firm is Bolton-St Johns, which gave Cuomo’s campaign $40,000 during his 2018 re-election. That firm employs Giorgio DeRosa, Joseph DeRosa, and Jessica Davos – the father, brother and sister of Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, who is secretary to the governor. Giorgio DeRosa is described on Bolton’s website as a partner and the firm’s “chief Albany lobbyist”. GNYHA pays the firm $24,000 a month to lobby on “budget/appropriations” issues, according to state records.

As Apelbaum notes:

Following a typical plot line of The Sopranos, it is not surprising that[…] Giorgio and Joseph DeRosa were listed as lobbyists in GNYHA state disclosure forms for years, including when Melissa DeRosa was serving as Cuomo’s chief of staff and after she was promoted to his top aid. (sic)

Yup, you read it correctly. Giorgio’s daughter Melissa was Cuomo’s gate keeper when GNYHA was throwing millions at Cuomo’s via the lobbying efforts of her father.

Andrew Cuomo’s idiotic decision to trumpet his disastrous COVID-19 response as some kind of unmitigated success, instead of simply keeping quiet, made it impossible for the media to completely ignore the orders he gave in March that turned New York state nursing homes into virtual death camps. And the Democrats appear to understand that Cuomo can’t be saved and are prepared to offer him up to us as a sacrifice.

But, as we’ve seen, not only does the scandal here go way beyond Cuomo and impact three, other Democrat governors, all of whom issued the exact same orders. Those four Democrats may be responsible for an extraordinary amount of the reported COVID-19 deaths, as well as imposing lockdowns and all the attendant hardship, misery, and death on most of the rest of the country that didn’t, whether intentionally or otherwise, impose policies that wound up creating a body count for the virus.

And, of course, the national media is entirely mum about the question of whether huge donations from powerful lobbying groups may have played a role in Cuomo relieving nursing homes from the responsibility of making decisions that, though catastrophic for their residents, were a boon to their bank account, as well as the complementary immunity from criminal liability he signed into law.

In any event, given how the media worked overtime covering up the news of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the runup to the election, when they actually do start to cover some major scandal implicating a big-deal Democrat politician, it’s always wise to assume that—if it’s not a diversion—there’s a whole lot more they’re not telling you, making it all much worse than they’re letting on


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