Donald Trump Joins the Internet in Dragging Fredo

I’m not sure any news personality has ever done anything so certain to follow them for the rest of their professional lives as CNN anchor Chris Cuomo did yesterday. Not even Dan Rather getting his butt whipped by someone saying, “Kenneth, what is the frequency” comes close.


Cuomo was confronted by a heckler who called him Fredo. Cuomo threatened to throw the guy down the stairs.

To say Fredo came unglued is an understatement.

Some have complained that confronting Fredo when he was out with his kids was a dick move. That may be true. But, as far as I’m concerned that train left the station quite a while ago with the numerous instances of politicians, media figures, and officials from the right being treated similarly. What else is a dick move is a father showing his son how a much of a p***y he is by losing his crap in public.

And Fredo has never had any compunction about his own antics. He piled on the kids from Covington Catholic High School in the faux confrontation with Big Chief Stolen Valor and never apologized.



And there were other Fredo-esque moves. Like Fredo telling the guys that calling him “Fredo” is  like the n-word–no it isn’t, it’s like calling him a p***y. This is something that Cuomo always brings out to defend himself.

And another major Fredo move when he got CNN to spread the claim that Fredo is an ethnic slur:

To lock in Cuomo’s name as Fredo for the rest of time, YouTube rode to his rescue and started restricting access to the video.

Under normal circumstances, and by that I mean if you were not named Cuomo and in New York, threatening to throw someone down the stairs is actually a criminal offense. In this case, though, the punishment meted out may be more appropriate than what any judge could have imposed. He got the attention of Donald Trump


Oddly enough, there is a great deal of truth in the last tweet. Watch Fredo’s behavior and see if you think he should be allowed to possess a firearm?

I really can’t wait for the next chapter in this saga to unfold because we haven’t heard the last of the mocking of Fredo.

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