The Data Clearly Shows That the Dem Panic Not the Pandemic Caused the Excess Death We've Suffered: Pt 1, the Official Stats

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Like pretty much everything about the press coverage of COVID-19, the accusations that President Trump is responsible for killing Americans by playing down the threat is completely surreal.

We know for a fact that the panic is responsible for the official coronavirus death toll, not the virus itself. So any downplaying Trump may have done could have only saved lives, even if you have faith in the official stats.

Moreover, a researcher has looked at the real excess burden of death from all causes across the globe starting this year and going all the way back to the end of World War 2. And the data makes it abundantly clear that our reaction is what caused the extra fatalities we experienced in April of 2020, not some new killer virus.

But let’s start with the official death toll.

The stats you’ve heard on COVID-19 fatalities are complete garbage. In the U.S., we were told months ago that anyone dying while diagnosed with the virus gets counted as dying from it. Doesn’t matter how mild a case they had or how clear it is they really died of something else.

Doesn’t matter if they died in a motorcycle accident or from a gunshot wound.

We’ve since found out that it’s even worse than that. Standard practice is to count anyone dying within 60 days of a positive PCR test for COVID-19 as a fatality. Again, that means anyone, regardless of how patently obvious it is that something else killed them.

Furthermore, the standard PCR test for the virus is itself complete garbage anyway. It doesn’t test for live virus. It massively amplifies the number of small segments of dead viral remains until there’s enough to detect. And even the CDC admits they can be detected as many as 9 weeks after you’ve beaten an infection.

In fact, you have small traces of all kinds of viruses in your system at all times that never even rise to the level of infection. So the dead viral remains being amplified literally a trillion times might just indicate background viral noise. That’s why the biochemist who won a Nobel Prize for inventing the process the test uses – which was meant to be a method for generating research samples not a way to detect viruses – adamantly objected to it being used as such.

The New York Times looked at two random sets of tests and found that at least 70% of positive results in one and 90% in the other did not indicate the presence of live virus. As I reported a few weeks back, the Times substantially understated the percentage of likely faulty diagnoses in the samples they looked at.

But forget that. Assume it’s only as bad as the Times says.

Also, forget that the CDC has instructed doctors to put COVID-19 on death certificates without any positive test. Indeed, no medical justification at all is required. They’re even supposed to attribute deaths to COVID-19 if the deceased tested negative so long as they’ve “assumed” he had the virus and that it made some contribution, no matter how small, to his demise.

Ignore that hospitals reap massive financial rewards for checking the COVID-19 box as well.

When even the York Times admits that up to 90% of positive test results don’t indicate the presence of live virus, that ought to make people stop paying attention to any stats that rely on the utterly worthless testing.

In fact, there have been 5 epidemics this century and COVID-19 is the only one in which a single positive PCR test has been counted as sufficient for diagnosing infection.

But suppose you’re one of the apparently very large numbers of Americans who can’t stop themselves from barking out stats repeated on TV like trained seals regardless of how patently obvious it is that they’re garbage.

Even if you’re incapable of understanding that COVID’s official death toll is a made-up number completely untethered from reality, we still know that it’s the panic and not the virus which is mostly responsible for it.

Nursing home deaths make up over 40% of the official COVID-19 death tally.

As of the end of July, four states – three of whose governors forced sick patients into nursing homes – had a higher total population death rate than any country in the world!

The governors of New York, Michigan,  New Jersey, and Pennsylvania all forced patients diagnosed with COVID-19 into nursing homes. If you remove just those four states from the data along with Illinois, Massachusetts, and Connecticut – who also reported extraordinarily high nursing home fatalities – COVID-19 never even reached the CDC’s threshold for an epidemic!
[The CDC defines an epidemic in terms of fatalities rather than, as one might expect, cases.]

We’ve known since almost the beginning that, even if we’re determined to make fools of ourselves by taking the official death stats seriously, COVID-19 is only a threat to the elderly and antecedently ill. For the young and healthy, the virus is less deadly than the seasonal flu.

President Trump has even tried to correct the completely groundless idea despicably peddled by the media that COVID-19 is a mortal threat to young and healthy Americans.

The average age of those who succumb to the virus is 78 years old. That’s the average age.

The median age of reported U.S. fatalities is even slightly higher at 80 years old.

In fact, of the 10 countries where data on COVID-19’s median reported fatality age is available, there isn’t a single one in which it’s less than 80. In Sweden, whose leaders decided against locking down, the median fatality age is 86.

Even if you can’t stop quoting stats based on a test that even the New York Times admits is worthless, all we ever needed to do was keep those infected away from the elderly and antecedently ill. Instead, we panicked and focused on protecting the vast majority of people who were never at any risk, causing massive numbers of those who were to needlessly die.

The Democrat governors of New York, Michigan, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania all forced sick patients into nursing homes. They would have never gotten away with it and states with less egregiously homicidal leadership would have also suffered far fewer deaths among the at-risk population had we kept our eyes focused on them where they belonged.

So, if you can’t resist the compulsion to take the concocted-out-of-thin-air official fatality count as gospel, the unjustified panic is still responsible for the huge COVID-19 death toll. It took our focus away from the small percentage of people who, according to those very official stats, were the only ones truly at risk.

There was no reason for the hysteria or the lunatic extreme measures we adopted. Even on the worthless COVID-19 death stats, if we’d focused our attention on the only ones really in danger, just like we’ve done for every other pandemic we’ve ever faced, we would have kept them safe and had a much lower number of deaths, just like every other pandemic we’ve ever faced.

There’s no question that, even if you foolishly buy the official stats, it’s the Dem panic and not the pandemic that’s responsible for the high death tally.

However, even for those capable of understanding that the official death tally has no basis in reality, there are other stats that do.

If we ignore COVID-19 entirely, it’s still true that the U.S and many, though interestingly not by any means all, other countries suffered an excess burden of death from all causes in April of 2020.

But a researcher named Denis Rancourt has looked at the mortality data from 2020 going back to the end of World War 2 the world over. And when added to what we know about how pathogens spread, what he’s found conclusively shows that it’s the lockdown, not some new virus, that’s killed so many of our frail and elderly this year.

You may find that hard to believe. But that right there is one of the strangest things about this episode of mass hysteria. Virtually no one has considered that depriving the frail and elderly of all human companionship and leaving them with just the TV terrorizing them 24/7 about a virus that’s wiping out humanity and coming straight for them was bound to kill many already hanging on by just a slim thread.

For how many were weekly visits by family, friends, or even mere strangers kindly volunteering to relieve the loneliest among us of that awful burden the only thing sustaining their will to live?

We also locked them up inside with no fresh air, giving aerosol particles carrying ordinary respiratory viruses from sick fellow inmates more of a chance to infect them. Everything we know about how they spread tells us that, if viruses could laugh as well, imposing idiotic heretofore-unheard-of “social distancing” rules requiring us to keep six completely arbitrary feet away from each other while locking the elderly inside with recirculated air would have provided unlimited amusement for influenza specimens the world over.

But the abject cruelty visited on the frailest among us didn’t stop there.

Even the few staff members who became their sole link to humanity appeared less often. When they did they wore masks and gloves, trying to avoid getting close as much as possible, in a contagious state of dread themselves. And that finishing touch of terror was added even though literally dozens of research studies plus our understanding of how viruses are transmitted made it impossible that wearing masks would do a damn thing to stop one.

Around 7 million Americans were trapped in the horror houses our nursing homes became at the end of March 2020. They bore the brunt of the mass hysteria about COVID-19 that overcame the rest of us. If the unspeakably cruel and unrelenting isolation and fear it inflicted on them drove just 1% to an early grave that would be 70,000 deaths.

In part 2, we’ll go through Denis Rancourt’s research showing that, rather than some novel virus, three things caused the strange excess burden of death that struck down the frail and elderly in some but by no means all locales in April of 2020.

  • The scientifically established exacerbating effects that loneliness and isolation have on ordinary respiratory viruses and the elderly’s will to live
  • Locking them down in sealed environments full of contaminated aerosol particles from sick cohabitants, sometimes forced in by their own political leaders.
  • Botched medical care from the massive upheaval to our medical system in response to a non-existent disease called “COVID-19.”

In the meantime, here’s an interview he did that will give you an idea of his shocking results.

Even on the official story, it was the panic and not the virus that caused so many deaths among our elderly.

But the true story is one of mass homicide and unspeakably worse.

… Stay tuned for Part 2.
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