How Long Will We Allow the Lin Wood Grift to Continue?

How Long Will We Allow the Lin Wood Grift to Continue?
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If pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood’s most recent tweets are any indication, he is descending into a level of madness that would make the Joker look like the epitome of sanity. On Sunday evening, he posted a series of tweets making outlandish claims and accusations against Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and promoted even more wild conspiracy theories. But here’s the real question: Is Lin Wood crazy? Or just crazy like a fox?

Last night, Wood fired off multiple tweets claiming to have information regarding a widespread blackmail scheme involving sex trafficking and child abuse.

“I believe Chief Justice John Roberts & a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide are being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape & murder of children captured on videotape,” he wrote. “I have the key to the files containing the videos. I have also shared this information.”

Wood continued in another tweet, referencing an actor named Isaac Kappy, who committed suicide in May 2020: “This blackmail scheme is conducted by members of 10 of world’s most well-known & “elite” intelligence agencies. One of those groups was hacked by a group known as Lizard Squad. The blackmail files of rape & murder were obtained by this group & copy was provided to Isaac Kappy.”

The attorney explained that “the blackmail targets are approached with a gun, a child, & a camera” and “ordered to rape the child on video.” Afterwards, “the target is then ordered to shoot the child on video.” At that point, the individual is “owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value.”

Then, Wood brought up the Lizard Squad, a black hat hacker group that garnered attention between 2014 and 2015 by disrupting online video game services.

“After Kappy received the hacked files from member of Lizard Squad, he gave files to one friend and the encryption key to another friend. He provided this information to his friends shortly before he was murdered in May 13, 2019. Members of Lizard Squad were jailed for hacking,” Wood wrote.

The lawyer claimed that now-deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein “used this same blackmail scheme of child rape & child murder to either further his own interests or those of any intelligence agency with whom he worked.”

Wood later returned to Kappy and claimed that the actor did not commit suicide, but was murdered. He “tried to deliver info to President but was then murdered,” according to the attorney.

He then indicated that “many issues in our world may be tied to blackmail scheme” that he is supposedly exposing and called for an investigation “for the children.”

This isn’t the first time that Wood has engaged in this type of conspiracy peddling. He has made public accusations against other GOP officials like Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, and even Vice President Mike Pence, who he predicted would be arrested for treason and executed by firing squad.

Wood’s tweets have become so wildly ludicrous that even Nick Sandmann, who the attorney represented in a lawsuit against various activist media outlets, called him out. (See: Nick Sandmann Responds to Lin Wood’s Mental Break)

So what do we make of this? Many people on both the right and the left have intimated that Lin Wood is insane. The lawyer has even referenced these musings on Twitter, claiming that it only affirms the validity of his claims.

But what if Wood is perfectly sane? It seems more likely that the attorney is simply trying to get more attention and position himself as a fringe leader on the right.

Making wacky claims on Twitter has won him more of an audience, which means it’s only a matter of time before he starts soliciting donations to help him fight for whatever cause he is concocting. As RedState’s Bonchie noted, “the easiest way to make money in the political arena is to make false claims, make false promises, and then solicit donations.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Lin Wood is simply trying to grift off the supporters he has amassed over that past couple months by seemingly positioning himself as the new QAnon. He knows he can continue stringing people along with promises of providing evidence to prove his claims without actually delivering the goods. It seems clear that his claims are fiction. The question is: How many will fall for it?


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