Lin Wood Turns the Crazy to Max, Gets Caught In a New Grift Too

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Lin Wood is not someone to tie yourself to. The President himself realized that a while back and has not only challenged him directly, but has made it clear that Wood is not part of his legal strategy. Despite that, the lawyer made famous by the Nick Sandmann case has pressed on. In the meantime, his rantings and assertions have grown more and more unhinged.


As I wrote last week, the Trump campaign reached a breaking point after Wood pressed Georgians to not vote in the Senate run-offs (see The Trump Campaign Says Enough, Nails Lin Wood). That idea is so idiotic that it could only come from someone so invested in their own scheme that they simply refuse to see the forest through the trees. Wood didn’t get the message after Trump’s chastisement though. Instead, he’s now presenting himself as some kind of messianic figure that is going to save the country, including seeing Brian Kemp and others thrown in jail for treason.

I’m not sure of a lot of things these days, but I am absolutely sure that Brian Kemp is not going to to jail for interfering with a national election, nor should he. Believing there was fraud in the 2020 election is reasonable. There’s ample evidence of various irregularities that should be pursued. But there’s a difference between that and this crazy nonsense being spewed by Wood. One piece of advice that far predates our current political environment is to be careful who you tie yourself to. Tying yourself to Lin Wood at this point is pure lunacy.


It’s worse than that though. What Wood is doing is ensuring that the water is so muddy that no one will even pay attention to anyone’s claims. The way you prove voter fraud, to the extent it can be proved in a given situation, is to focus in on verifiable facts and push them to the forefront in a deliberate and clear way. When someone starts falsely ranting about servers in Germany and millions of votes being switched, all that does is discredit the entirety of the pursuit. It’s completely counter-productive. Flooding the zone works if you are a politician who wants to keep the heat off yourself. Trump was a master at that. But it’s incredibly stupid if your goal is to prove fraud and overturn an election.

Yes, Wood helped Nick Sandmann, but he also benefited greatly from that himself. Someone doing something positive in the past doesn’t forever prove they are a measured actor that is to be trusted. In fact, Wood has gotten caught in another scam involving Kyle Rittenhouse. Did you know he’s off the case before it has even really started? And did you know he did not give the money he said he would to Rittenhouse for his defense?


But look, don’t take my word for it because who the heck am I? But please, listen to some bigger names in the conservative commentariat. Does anyone want to call Mike Cernovich or Dave Reaboi anti-Trump?

The simple answer is usually the right answer, and the simple answer is that Wood is a scam artist at this point. The easiest way to make money in the political arena is to make false claims, make false promises, and then solicit donations. Wood has plenty to gain here by continuing to do what he’s doing.


I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, as most of our commenters and readers understand a grift when they see one. I still feel the need to state the obvious though. No one should be sitting out the Georgia run-offs based on the rantings of Wood. He’s not going to throw Kemp in prison, he’s not going to prove mass voter fraud, and he’s not going to deliver anything else he’s claimed. All he’s done is hurt the President’s case by flooding the zone with garbage. Do no listen to this guy.

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