Nick Sandmann Responds to Lin Wood's Mental Break

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Well, I wasn’t expecting to write about Lin Wood twice today, but here we are.

Earlier, I put out an article focusing on Wood’s latest lunacy, including the assertion that VP Mike Pence is a traitor who may be shot by a firing squad (see What the Heck is Lin Wood Doing?). To the extent that Wood hadn’t already thoroughly thrashed his credibility, this latest outburst was just next level.


Here’s a taste of it.

As I pointed out in my previous piece, the respect Wood once garnered came from his handling of the Nick Sandmann case. If you don’t recall that entire situation, the gist is that the mainstream media (CNN, The Washington Post, NBC News, etc.) attempted to destroy the life of a teenager, accusing him of racism despite the fact that he had done nothing but stand still and smile as lunatics yelled in his face at the Lincoln Memorial. Early on, TV lawyer predictions were that Sandmann had no chance to prevail in suing the outlets that lied about him. Wood took on the case and eventually garnered multiple settlements, including one from CNN.

Now, even Sandmann has apparently seen enough. He responded to Lin Wood’s ranting

Let’s note how dumb it is to suggest that Sandmann should be “loyal” to Lin Wood despite the latter’s recent mental breakdown. Lawyers don’t work for free, and they certainly don’t care about loyalty. Wood likely took almost half of the monetary value of the settlements he garnered for Sandmann. A business contract was entered into, and it was executed. That’s where loyalty ends in the legal game.


For his part, I think Sandmann is probably feeling some heat in the sense that he doesn’t want to be tied to this kind of thing. Wood has truly gone off the deep end. He’s become the male Louise Mensch, except he’s rattling about firing squads instead of Putin being under the bed.

Of course, it wasn’t just Sandmann that kicked Wood to the curb. Trump and his campaign did the same thing a while ago, which leaves the obvious question on the table. Was Wood trying to sabotage Trump’s legal challenges by sucking all the oxygen out of the room with ridiculous suits? I actually don’t think so. I think this is much more about good old fashioned grifting. Wood and Sydney Powell have brought in a lot of money over the last several months for legal challenges. In doing so, there is zero accountability as to how that money is ultimately spent. Wood keeping this charade up, with all the crazy rantings and whatnot, keeps the money coming in for at least a little while longer.

So what happens next? I’m finding it hard to believe that the State Bar of Georgia doesn’t take action here. Wood’s recent lawsuits and insane commentary no doubt break a lot of their standards. Given that, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Wood disbarred. But perhaps that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing? Sometimes you push something too far and all you can do is keep digging the hole deeper. That’s what it seems like Wood is doing. He’s made too many promises and said too many things to turn the temperature down now.


Apparently, that was too much for Nick Sandmann to handle.

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