What the Heck Is Lin Wood Doing?

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It wasn’t long ago that Lin Wood was respected nearly universally on the right. It wasn’t because of any previous partisan gambit by the lawyer, but because he helped deliver defamation case settlements for Nick Sandmann after the media relentlessly, and falsely savaged the high school student. Whether you liked Wood personally or not, you had to admit that he put in the work for those cases and delivered when almost every media analyst flack was confidently predicting the cases would be dismissed.


But the 2020 election has broken Wood, and when I say broken, I mean he’s gone completely nuts. Things have gotten so bad that it’s probably time to start asking whether he was trying to sabotage Trump’s election challenges all along.

A few days ago, he asserted that John Roberts is a pedophile and that people should “go ask” Jeffrey Epstein, who he claims is still alive. In reality, Roberts appeared at a hearing in person on the date Wood’s conspiracy theory said the Chief Justice was on Epstein’s plane. It was a completely made-up allegation that made no sense anyway. It wasn’t just Roberts who refused to hear the Pennsylvania case, for example. Are we to believe that every other conservative Justice was part of some grand conspiracy against Trump?

Now, Wood is saying that Mike Pence is going to be arrested for treason and executed by firing squad because that’s what sane people say or something.


What’s so dumb about this is that if Mike Pence were actually a traitor trying to defeat Trump, that would be a big negative indictment on Trump himself, you know, since it was the President who made him VP. Of course, the idea that Pence is a turncoat makes no sense anyway. Trump losing means Pence loses all his power and becomes an afterthought in the 2024 race, where he’ll face far more charismatic candidates without the force of being the incumbent VP. Does that sound like something Pence would do to please some mystical, globalist elite that Wood claims are behind everything, including the indigestion he got last night?

As Dave Reaboi points out, the way people continue to go from hero to evil incarnate in Wood’s insane narrative says all you need to know about its veracity.


Wood’s rantings are those of a lunatic, constantly shifting the characters around to keep pushing the envelope of insanity. Anything that needs to be said to keep his followers hitting retweet can and will be said. This isn’t the behavior of someone thinking rationally, nor someone who actually has evidence of anything. This is the behavior of someone who has lost his mind, and for once, I was way ahead of the curve in pointing it out months ago.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the heck Wood is doing at this point. Is this all an act? Does he believe he can keep raising money like this for his “We the People” scam? Or has he genuinely just lost his marbles?

I report, you decide.

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