Disney Finds Out: Stock Down Almost $200 Billion as America Rejects Woke Perversion of Walt's Legacy

Walt Disney's corpse could provide endless power to an entire region of the United States from all the turning over in his grave that he's currently doing. As a very pro-American man, Disney detested communism openly and strove for excellence in creation and imagination. 


What modernity and those who subscribe to it have done to his company is nothing short of an atrocity, and the House of Mouse that Walt built is suffering from an infestation of squatters that not only trash his company's legacy but move to direct the company in the very political direction Disney fought against. 

But perhaps Disney will get some justice as the company that bears his name is sinking below the waves, as it's better for the company to be destroyed than let it continue to pervert and ruin its own legacy.

Sure enough, the damage being done to Disney by those currently in charge of it is so extensive that markets show a company bleeding out. 

As previously covered by Newsmax, Disney's stock price now sits at a 9-year low of $83.53 with its market cap having fallen a whopping 56 percent since March 22, 2022. That means it fell from $350.09 billion on that date to $196.05. 

This isn't a good look to investors, but that's just an element of Disney's problem. A bad stock price is just the symptom of a disease that Disney has no desire to shake. 

As I last reported, Disney CEO Bob Iger said during a Q3 report that his company would begin toning down both the cost of its creations and the pace at which they're released, but this misses the point. While both of these things are definitely something harming Disney's bottom line, it's not the key issue: 


The real issue on Disney's hands at this time is that it's burned too many bridges with its would-be audience. It's politicized itself so heavily that half the country despises the company, and on top of that, few people want to show up to a Disney flick to get preached at or bear witness to another boring CGI-fest whose stories were written by activists and not storytellers. 

Disney has shown a clear disdain for Americans and their values while embracing a bubble-like mentality surrounding radical leftist social justice values. They don't see their product as an artful creation but as a soapbox from which to finger-wag. 

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Disney's falling stock is a direct result of the Western world moving on from a propagandistic company that has allowed the personal politics of its executives and workers to infect and dictate what it creates. Disney became so hubristic about its political positions that it openly announced a crusade against Florida's "Parental Rights In Education" bill, falsely calling it the "Don't Say Gay Bill" and condemning Florida Republicans. 

It was a move that the company would regret as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would proceed to strip Disney of its tax haven in the state for daring to step into the world of politics and with the aim of depowering parents no less. 


The current crop of executives and workers has so ruined Disney that it's unclear what the path is for its recovery other than dissolution and its parts sold off to the highest bidder. It's already happening as Iger has begun selling off Disney's television properties, and rumors are swirling that a sale to Apple could take place. 

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If Disney falls then it will be a tragic end to a once-great kingdom, but it will also be a damning rebuke of the radical leftism that has infected mainstream media by the American people themselves. It sends the message that nothing is too big to fail if the American people say so and that even great empires can be toppled. 


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