Bob Iger Is Blatantly Ignoring Why Disney Is Failing In Latest Claim About Improving Product Quality

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It's hard to tell if Disney CEO Bob Iger is willfully ignorant or just not as sly as he thinks he is. His company is taking loss after loss and with people walking away from all things Disney, his fortunes don't look like they're going to improve anytime soon. 


Regardless, Iger says he's going to turn things around at the House that Walt Built that he and his ilk are squatting in. According to Bounding Into Comics, Iger thinks that the issue is the quantity of the content being released and the cost of each project, or at least that's what he told people during the 2023 Q3 earning call: 

“As I’ve said before, our progress will not always be linear,” explained Iger. “But despite near-term headwinds, I’m incredibly confident in Disney’s long-term trajectory because of the work we’ve done, the team we have in place, and because of Disney’s core intellectual property foundation.”

“Moving forward, I believe three businesses will drive the greatest growth and value creation over the next five years,” he asserted. “They are our film studios, our parks business, and streaming, all of which are inextricably linked to our brands and franchises.”

In terms of the company’s film-related efforts, Iger revealed that, across every one of their various studios including Pixar, Lucasfilm, and the aforementioned Marvel Studios, the company’s various studios were “focused on improving the quality of our films and on better economics, not just reducing the number of titles we release but also the cost per title.”


I've got sour news for Iger, his frequent releases are only some of the issue, and while his cost-per-title is outrageously high and indeed a huge problem Disney needs to tackle, neither of these issues will matter if no one wants to show up to a Disney outing in the first place. 

The real issue on Disney's hands at this time is that it's burned too many bridges with its would-be audience. It's politicized itself so heavily that half the country despises the company, and on top of that, few people want to show up to a Disney flick to get preached at or bear witness to another boring CGI-fest whose stories were written by activists and not storytellers. 

As I wrote previously, Disney has shown a clear disdain for Americans and their values while embracing a bubble-like mentality surrounding radical leftist social justice values. They don't see their product as an artful creation but as a soapbox from which to finger-wag. 

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Poor Walt would be rolling over in his grave, but if this pattern continues, he need not worry. His company will join him in the grave soon enough. Iger doesn't seem interested in tackling the real reason behind why his company is failing. 


I have a very hard time believing Iger doesn't see the cancer at the heart of Disney. He knows what he has to do but, like Kylo Ren, doesn't know if he has the strength to do it...or even the will. 

If he doesn't cut out the radical leftist infection within Disney, then the once great Magical Kingdom will fall, and its parts will be sold off to other companies. At this point, I think that would be better for Disney's legacy. 

Once it's taken out of the hands of those abusing it, perhaps products can be made by people who actually care and don't have an agenda to push. Perhaps from a smaller spark, Disney could rise like a phoenix, but until then, Disney has to suffer under the leadership of lesser people. 



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