Disney Doesn't Just Hate Its Product, It Hates You

A recent interview featuring actress Rachel Zegler has been making the rounds. Zegler is set to play the classic Disney character "Snow White" in the corporation's latest soulless cash grab, and it would appear that while she's proud to play the character, it's not because of its legacy to Disney. 

No, for Zegler, it's all about deconstructing and reassembling the character and her story for the modern era. 

As we've been covering here at RedState, Zegler has told interviewers on more than one occasion that the story of Snow White was too outdated and so they updated it for "modern audiences," which usually means it's going to be infused with radical feminism, and everything that made the story great is going to be ripped out and replaced with social justice themes. On Monday, Sister Toldja reported on Zegler's latest interview where she actually professed her dislike of Snow White because of its classic themes. 

Her hatred of the movie is easy to understand. Zegler is a radical feminist who detests stories that feature classic gender roles. She once referred to the Prince as a creepy stalker and proudly announced that they wrote his role out of the film in order for Disney to do what it does best nowadays; push feminism and social justice. 

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Watching this interview, I couldn't help but think back to other talks from Disney's actors, actresses, and executives. They expressed disdain for you and/or your values. Chris Evans, for instance, called people who were upset about homosexuality being displayed in kid's movies "idiots." Disney accused Star Wars fans of being racist on no evidence at all after legitimate criticisms were aimed at Moses Ingram's character "Reva" on Disney+'s Obi-Wan Kenobi show. 

They fired Gina Carano by lying about something she tweeted, all for failing to meet their leftist litmus tests and whistleblowers revealed that employees who didn't measure up to radical leftist standards were hounded by the company and punished for not measuring up to their woke standards. 

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That's not to mention this is the same Disney that proudly announced that it was fighting Ron DeSantis and Florida's "Parental Rights In Education," falsely calling it the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Disney decided to do this because, as former Disney CEO Bob Chapek revealed to DeSantis, leftist employees were making him do it

It all points to the fact that Disney is infested with radical leftism to the point where it can safely be considered a completely different corporation than the one founded by Walt Disney, a man who detested the radical left enough to speak out against them in Congress. 

This isn't just about Zegler's hatred of Snow White and the cast and crew working to destroy old classics in order to make them palatable for "modern audiences." The real issue that needs to be focused on is that Disney is now a corporation that despises, not its own legacy or some political party, but you. 

At the end of the day, it's you, the everyday American, that holds all the values they hate and would love to see burned at their ideological stake. They hope that by altering the properties that you and everyone grew up on and loved, they can not only destroy a legacy you were a part of, but they can normalize their radicalism through your children. 

Like parasites, they infested a beloved corporation that had been a part of your home and billions of people's childhoods for decades, all so they could use it as a delivery system to seize the culture from your hands and rebuild it in their image. They want to erase your mark and minimize your influence for daring to disagree with their politics. They see you as stupid, evil, and on the wrong side of history. A stain that has to be scrubbed out. 

They make up the lie that you're now in the minority and are dying off. They excuse their radical creations by claiming that there's a new audience out there waiting for their creations. A "modern audience" that is far more advanced and morally good than you and your generations, which are too soaked in sexism, racism, and bigotry to be allowed on the big stage. 

But there is no "modern audience." No one shows up to these woke retellings of old Disney classics. Disney is crashing and burning with no end in sight because people are rightfully turning away from the corporation. 

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While it's absolutely awful that it has to happen to a once-great company, Disney's collapse is necessary. Perhaps it can be chopped up and bought by people who actually care about its once-great legacy and creatives can come forward and make incredible things again. But as it stands, Disney is dead and it needs to be buried. 



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