The Democrats, the Deck Chairs, and the Titanic

The Democrats, the Deck Chairs, and the Titanic
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It wasn’t but last week when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul asked a very simple question of Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Blinken couldn’t answer. Was the man that the Biden administration struck with a drone, an action that killed ten people, including seven children, an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?

Blinken couldn’t answer, and it was thrown on the massive pile of failures that the Biden administration had accumulated over the course of nine, short months.

From the very beginning, Biden’s administration has been one bad decision after another, beginning with the canceled construction of both the border wall and the Keystone XL pipeline. Excuses were given as to why, but it was very clear that both decisions were made exclusively because they were supported by the previous Trump administration.

Fast forward to today and we now have skyrocketing prices at the pump, and a border crisis so severe that a state of emergency has been requested of the federal government by Texas. This is on top of the fact that the Afghanistan withdrawal abandoned hundreds of Americans and allies, saw the deaths of members of our armed forces, and equipped our enemies with firepower and tools they had not dreamed of having before.

This isn’t even counting the illegal executive order attempting to force businesses into vaccinating their employees, a vaccine that is proving to be more and more useless, and possibly even dangerous to some. It’s a fact that the federal government refuses to even acknowledge. Odd, seeing as how this is the party that claimed it was adhering to the science.

As reported by The Federalist, it all just gets so much worse:

Then there was the vote by a panel advising the Food and Drug administration — a vote that wasn’t even close, by the way — not to recommend COVID vaccine booster shots for everyone over age 16. So much for Biden’s “trust the science” vaccine ambitions.

Finally, an angry France, a country that’s been a U.S. ally since 1778, announced it was pulling its ambassador to the United States after some submarine deal that Biden struck with Australia and the United Kingdom. According to the French foreign ministry, it’s never recalled its ambassador to the U.S. until now.

That all happened on the same afternoon. “It was an hour President Joe Biden would no doubt like to forget,” the AP narrated.

The incompetence shown by this administration isn’t just frustrating. It’s odd.

Many of these moves defy all logic. The pulling of troops from Afghanistan, abandoning everything from people to weapons, seemed to run against common sense. The border crisis continues to worsen, as VP Kamala Harris, tasked to address it, does nothing but make empty promises and cackles when it’s brought up. Biden won’t allow for oil drilling to occur in the U.S., which would easily solve the gas problem.

It’s as if the United States isn’t being run by seasoned statesmen but former Tumblrites who are carrying out all the things they said they’d do if ever they found themselves in charge of the country.

It’s certainly more believable than thinking Joe Biden himself is in charge. It’s definitely not him.

The only other thing more clear is that Democrats are panicking. Their holier-than-thou, grandiose attitudes have landed them in positions they can’t defend, and even parts of the media are turning against them. Their only defense is to give the press something else to chew on to distract from these many failures; a massive spending bill here, border patrol with “whips” there, but it’s not helping.

Biden’s approval ratings are crashing hard. Experts are predicting a stark loss of 41 seats by Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

It’s all falling apart, and the Democrats know it. They can’t stop it because they won’t stop it.

But hey, no mean tweets.

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