Whoa: Kevin McCarthy Put the Over-the-Top Democrat Spending Bill's Price Tag Into Perspective

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy looked at the $4.5 trillion worth of spending Democrats are proposing and recognized how the price tag compared to spending America has had to make in the past.


As reported by The Hill, appearing on John Catsimatidis’s show on WABC 770AM, McCarthy was commenting on how dangerous the $1 trillion Senate-passed infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion social spending plan are together. The minority leader warned that it was an obvious “redistribution of wealth” that would “create greater inflation.”

On top of the bill, as it currently is, Democrat extremists like AOC and Cori Bush want to add more to the bill such as unemployment insurance reforms. All in all, McCarthy predicted a price tag of “more than $5 trillion.” To put that kind of money into perspective, McCarthy brought up an interesting comparison.

“That’s the amount of money we spent to win World War II,” he said.

This is pretty close to the truth. According to USA Today, adjusting for inflation, America spent $4.69 trillion over the course of three years and nine months.

To this day, WWII was American’s largest wartime expenditure. It brought its entire war machine to bear, even affecting the civilian population in terms of making sacrifices for the war effort. America’s enemies were many and powerful, including Germany, Italy, and Japan. The European war ended in May 1945, with the Japanese finally accepting defeat later that year in August after the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On the line was the freedom and control of the entirety of the globe from fascistic and extremist forces.


Today, Democrats want to spend that kind of money in order to implement the same socialistic systems Germany did during World War II and all on the back of fighting climate change and inequality.

“Every time we warned ahead of time of these Democratic policies, you know, President Biden said he’s going to bring American back, but I didn’t realize he wanted to take us back to the 70s,” said McCarthy.

“Americans are held hostage in the Middle East, where we have inflation, gas prices are high and they’re begging OPEC to produce more while not allowing America to become energy independent,” he added.

Biden has previously begged OPEC to produce more oil in order to flood the market and bring down costs for Americans, but OPEC has refused to do this. The issue would be simply solved if Biden would allow drilling to happen in the United States (something Texas Governor Greg Abbott has urged him to do) but Biden has so far refused to bend.

As Texas Senator Ted Cruz pointed out, thanks to the efforts of both Republicans and Democrats like Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, the infrastructure spending package is likely to die in the Senate, but the point of these bills and executive orders right now isn’t to enact change, it’s to give the press something to talk about other than the various crises the Biden administration has created, such as the border, oil prices, and Afghanistan.


To be sure, a bill so large that it rivals the spending done when fighting over the fate of the entire world is going to get a lot of attention, and with midterms approaching faster and faster, the more distraction from the Biden administration’s failures they can cook up, the better for Democrats.


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