Border Patrol Union Head Rips Jen Psaki and Busts Another False Narrative About CBP Agents Using 'Whips'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Because everything must be absurd, we are now on day two of the mainstream media and mainline Democrats, including from the White House, accusing Border Patrol agents of whipping Haitian immigrants from horseback. It doesn’t matter that within five minutes of the picture going viral, it was apparent that there were no whips involved. The racial narrative must go on, no matter how false.


That continued this morning when Jen Psaki doubled down on the lie, again calling the pictures “horrific” and generally throwing the CBP agents involved under the bus. The original accusation also began to morph. Once it became impossible to deny that the “whips” were actually reins, the attacks from the left then focused on the fact that a video showed the reins being twirled toward illegal immigrants, with the insinuation being that the agents were going to use them as weapons.

Now, the head of the Border Patrol union, Brandon Judd, is now speaking out, and not only did he slam Psaki, but he explained exactly what the CBP agents are trained to do and why. This per Just the News.

“There are very few things that will boil my blood as bad as the White House directly coming out and condemning an action before they know what happened,” Judd told Just the News during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Jen Psaki came out yesterday, and she condemned these actions, when in reality, it is a legitimate law enforcement action. This was meant to protect the illegal aliens.”

Judd explained agents are trained for crowd control by the Homeland Security Department to “twirl the reins” if humans start approaching their horses to keep them away from getting injured, and the reins are never used to strike or harm people.


So there you have it. Even the latest freak-out involving the twirling of reins toward illegal immigrants has a perfectly logical, perfectly justifiable explanation. Horses are dangerous. Anybody that gets too close risks getting kicked or trampled. That’s why CBP agents use long reins as a crowd control device, not to hit people, but to warn them to stay back so they don’t get hurt. In other words, these CBP agents are being viciously attacked for literally trying to make sure these illegal immigrants remain unharmed. It’s insane — but so is everything about our current political moment.

Further, as Judd notes, Psaki and others are simply ignorant and have no business commenting on things they don’t understand. Worse, these political hacks aren’t even attempting to understand. It’d be one thing if Psaki made a mistake, got educated, and corrected it. Instead, she’s pretending to be fully aware of what those agents were doing and what’s happening at the border. Never mind that it’s her boss that caused the humanitarian crisis we are seeing in Del Rio and elsewhere.

What the Biden administration is doing is incredibly destructive. They’re actively undermining the Border Patrol and preventing them from doing even basic enforcement. Crowd control is not a human rights violation, especially when we are talking about people rushing the border.


Yet, the White House is too cowardly to stand for the rule of law and take necessary action to stop the current crisis. Instead, they’d rather go on “news” programs and lie about CBP agents. It’s a total betrayal of trust, and it’s only going to further sink Biden’s standing with the American people.


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