If Biden's Not in Charge, Then We're Not in Charge

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Partisanship can blind us to some very serious issues about certain things, and while conservatives may understand better than most, it’s unlikely that anyone else realizes the gravity of Joe Biden’s non-Presidency.

What do I mean by non-presidency?

This isn’t a tongue-in-cheek way of saying he’s a bad president (he is) or saying that when he needs to step up he tends to retreat to the shadows (he does). What I’m saying is that he’s literally the president in name only. He’s not calling the shots. He’s not the one in charge. He’s not the one leading the nation.

As Fox News first pointed out, a pattern has developed where Biden reveals he’s getting directions on what to do from others. He did so when addressing FEMA, saying “I’m not supposed to take any questions.”

During the press conference about the Kabul airport attack, Biden produced a list of reporters he was allowed to call on.

He said the same thing after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden’s feed was cut after he told reporters he would be happy to take questions “if that’s what I’m supposed to do” when addressing the House Democratic Caucus.

I don’t expect these to be the last examples we see either. It’s increasingly clear that Biden’s cognitive abilities aren’t the greatest. If they were, he certainly wouldn’t be telling us that he’s been instructed to do one thing or another by others. A president needs to at least put forth the illusion that he’s wholly and completely calling the shots, but Biden’s not even hiding it. He’s taking orders and he’s more than willing to tell you about it.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was a disguised call for help.

This is very bad for Democrats politically. That much is clear. Not only are they taking advantage of an old man who should have retired after the Obama administration, but it also proves that they’re relatively leaderless…well, sort of.

The greater issue is that if Biden isn’t the one calling the shots, then we’re not enjoying a constitutional republic as it was intended. The idea of our political system is that we elect the leaders we want making the decisions. The Democrats pretended that this is what they were doing, but knew full well that once Biden was in office, he’d be playing the role of puppet.

So the question has to be asked; who is the puppet master(s)?

Those who are actually pulling the strings behind the scenes don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves. A president has to play with approval numbers and listen to the general pulse of the nation while still trying to carry out his party’s agenda, but it’s clear that Biden was never supposed to be the end, just the means to it. They can do whatever they want no matter how unpopular it might be because it’ll be Biden that takes the heat.

When they’re done with him, and they will be sooner than later, they can force him out and begin anew with a new face that will be just as in charge as Biden was.

We’re not living in a constitutional republic anymore. This is now an awkward-looking oligarchy. We didn’t elect these people to be in charge but they are. We didn’t give them permission to oversee the affairs of our nation but they are. They don’t care what we think. They don’t have to.

This is not how America is supposed to function at all, and we should definitely understand the deep problems Biden is inadvertently shining a light on through his mental slips. There are people we didn’t elect in charge of our country, and we should never let such a thing come to pass again.

Vote accordingly.

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