Joe Biden Swan-Dives off the Deep End With Incoherent, Offensive Speech

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden spoke on Monday, and as is often the case, he really shouldn’t have.

The President of the United States took the podium just hours after a school shooting took place in Nashville. While there, he delivered scintillating remarks on what kind of ice cream he eats, and that was the most coherent part of his remarks.


The “Weekend at Bernie’s” presidency continues apace.

Does he know how to read a room, or does he know how to read a room? Biden is a real man of the people, showing his empathy for the victims of a heinous crime by riffing for the umpteenth time on his love of chocolate chip ice cream and laughing about it. Clearly, this man is mentally fit for the presidency and understands the moment.

Conversely, he’s completely senile, and as his speech drug on, that became painfully clear. Seriously, this is the only guy in the world who can make ice cream sound creepy. That he doesn’t know what office he holds is also somewhat concerning.


This isn’t the first time the president has forgotten that he’s the president. He’s done so multiple times, either believing he’s still a senator or confusing Kamala Harris for the president. But even if you brush that aside as a slip of the tongue, the general way he’s speaking, mixing up words, slurring, and leaning in to whisper just isn’t normal.

Even his physical appearance is worrisome. He looks like he’s high on something, and I don’t mean that as an insult. I mean that he actually looks like he’s high on something. Perhaps his handlers overdid his drug cocktail? His eyes are tiny, his skin is taut, and he seems unable to control his mannerisms at times.

There were more instances of Biden fighting with the teleprompter. For example, he thinks the United States is a “company.”

Call me old-fashioned, but I think a president should be sentient enough to read a giant television with the world’s largest font on it. Yet, Biden continually struggles to do so. The teleprompter has become his arch-nemesis, leaving no room for him to confront actual adversaries like China’s Xi Jinping. What must it be like to be this guy’s speech writer, watching him butcher your work with total disregard? The paycheck better be good to make up for that.


What bothers me the most about all this, though, is how no one seems to care. There are no calls for the 25th Amendment. In fact, the national press doesn’t even bat an eye as Biden stumbles through every speech. We are all just supposed to pretend this isn’t what it obviously is. The president is senile, and that should be big news.


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