Joe Biden Forgets He Was Vice President — but He's Totally Fine, You Guys

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden is fine. Seriously, don’t even think about suggesting he’s not. There is nothing abnormal or concerning about his mental state, and increasingly, his physical state as well. To even delve into such a discussion is to push wild conspiracy theories, backed by no real-world examples at all.


Oh, wait, it’s April 2nd. Sorry, got my days mixed up there.

On Saturday morning, the president spoke to members of the US Navy, and in doing so, he not only seemed to forget he was vice president, but he bestowed the title on his wife, Jill Biden.

Again, though, he’s totally fine, you guys. Nothing to worry about.

My RedState colleague Kira Davis is all of us right now. It is not normal for a president to continue to make these kinds of mistakes. I’ve honestly lost count of how many times Biden has forgotten what administration he served as vice president in, forgotten the names of his current cabinet members, forgotten how many grandchildren he has, and even forgotten what year it is.

Once is an understandable mistake. Even a few flubs are perhaps worthy of being explained away. But we are talking about dozens and dozens of brain-breaking instances over the course of just a few years in which the president appears to be completely out of it.

To be clear, there’s a difference between someone not being prepared (i.e. Kamala Harris) and talking themselves in circles vs. what we see with Biden. To be fair, Donald Trump also had a propensity to do the stream of consciousness thing, but there was never any question he was sentient and present. With Biden, you are constantly left wondering whether he even knows where he’s at. I mean, who forgets how many grandchildren they have…multiple times?


And the news media doesn’t even bother to report on his mental state because for them, protecting Democrat political prospects always takes priority. The result of that has been to normalize what is so obviously not normal. The White House is not a nursing home, and a president who can’t think on his feet and lead out front puts his country in an untenable position. We’ve seen the results of that, from sky-high inflation to the border crisis, to the meltdown of American foreign policy.

This all feels like elder abuse at this point. To continue to trot Biden out in front of people only for him to continually show himself incapable of carrying out the duties of his office is not fair to him, and it’s certainly not fair to the country he ostensibly heads. How long can this go on? I suppose the answer is as long as his handlers (and his wife) continue to allow it to go on.


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