Joe Biden Delivers His Closing Pitch in a Starburst of Senility and Falsehoods


With under a week left until election day, major Democrats are fanning out across the country in a last-ditch effort to save their vulnerable party members. Hillary Clinton appeared in New York to remind all of us how unlikeable she is. Meanwhile, Joe Biden went to New Mexico, also a supposedly safe blue state.


What followed was a starburst of senility and lies as the president delivered a closing message that went over like a pork sandwich in Saudi Arabia.

Before we get to Biden, though, things opened with this festival of cringe. Try not to burst out laughing watching this AWFL chant her own initials like she’s some kind of superstar and not the failing governor in a state that shouldn’t even be in play for Republicans.

With that out of the way, on to the president, who apparently believes that telling you how great everything is when everything sucks is a winning message. Sure, you are paying over a dollar more for gas right now than you were under Donald Trump, and sure, you have to take out a second mortgage to afford a rib-eye these days, but none of that matters. What matters is whatever Biden thinks, regardless of how untrue it is.

I could go over the numbers and disprove everything the president said, but that’s been done to death. You operate within the current state of the economy. You know he’s full of it and that inflation is actually up over the last few months. You know gas prices are not down compared to when he took office. I don’t have to tell you.


Never fear, though. Biden has also cut the federal debt in half. Yes, that’s a thing he actually claimed.

The national debt has continued to skyrocket under Biden. At no point have we had the surplus necessary to actually bring it down, much less cut it in half. And if the president actually means the deficit, he’s spitting on you and telling you it’s raining with that as well. The deficit was blown up due to Biden’s COVID policies, policies he wanted to continue but wasn’t allowed to. Claiming the deficit has been cut in half is like bragging that you cut your spending levels in half after you purposely maxed out your credit cards. It’s asinine and insulting to keep making that assertion, yet Biden is happy to do it because he’s a tone-deaf geriatric with no sense of the truth.

And speaking of him being geriatric, let’s get to the promised senility. Here’s Biden once again claiming he was a professor in Pennsylvania, a lie he’s told at least half a dozen times during his tenure.

The reason I chalk that lie up to senility is that it’s so obvious that it’s a lie that I can’t fathom that he’s continuing to tell it on purpose. Biden was never a professor at a university. He held a sort of honorary position and never taught a single class. Yet, to hear him tell it, he was burning the midnight oil molding young brains full of mush.


Lastly, and you knew it was coming, Biden got lost trying to exit the stage he was speaking on. Apparently, walking in the proper direction after a speech is like solving a Rubix cube for this guy.

I love that Michelle Lujan Grisham just starts shoving him off to the side as the crowd cheers as if they had just witnessed Led Zeppelin play Madison Square Garden. We are watching the total collapse of a president, and it’s both hilarious and sad at the same time. Election Day can’t get here soon enough.


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