Watch: Antifa Goes Wild in the Nation's Capital, but the Reaction Is Decidedly Different

(Craig Hudson/Charleston Gazette-Mail via AP)

In the wake of the police shootings of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, protests have begun to routinely devolve into rioting, looting, and general violence and destruction. Earlier in the week, we saw violent outbursts in Minneapolis. Heading into the weekend, things had also gotten worse in places like Portland, Chicago, and Washington D.C.


In fact, these recent, disturbing videos show Antifa terrorists trapping and attacking police officers in the nation’s capital.

The first tweet brings up a good point. Where is the National Guard? We were assured they were in Washington D.C. to keep the peace. There’s a large contingent of them currently stationed there. Why are they not being deployed to stop his anarchy? You can speculate as to the reasons why, and I certainly have my theories.

Regardless, what really stuck out to me was the difference in reaction we are seeing from the left and their media allies compared to January 6th. You’ll recall the newfound respect for police those groups suddenly garnered the moment we found out Officer Brian Sicknick had died after the Capitol riot. Of note is that we still don’t know why he died, and speculation now is that he had a bad reaction to pepper spray later that evening. That’s an explanation far from the initial pronouncements that he was violently and intentionally murdered.


Is attacking police bad? Or is it only bad when it’s someone “right-wing” doing the attacking? Because it sure seems like the standards shift depending on the political narrative at play. Antifa routinely attacks and injures cops. That they and their allies haven’t killed more cops than they have is simply a product of sheer chance.

Yet, we were told that attacking police on January 6th warranted the harshest penalties, including an attitude that basically said to lock them up and throw away the key. What’s changed?

Jeff gets it right. There was never any sincere concern for police following January 6th. The left love riots and harming police officers when they feel like it’s for a cause they support. We’ve seen that play out over and over, specifically since last summer. In fact, I had people responding to the post that Jeff quotes above saying that January 6th was different because it was “an attack on our system of democracy.” No, that’s not how any of this works. Attacking police is attacking police. A riot is a riot. The attempt at drawing distinctions just shows how disingenuous these people are.


None of this is going to stop until local and state authorities, especially in these blue cities, get serious about enforcing the law. Protests are fine. But there needs to be an immediate, overwhelming reaction to rioting and violence. Unfortunately, these mayors and governors are trying to toe a line that can’t be toed, thus you get what you see in the above videos.



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